OSRS Spindel Guide

Spindel is a toned down version of Venenatis. It is slightly weaker and found in singles-plus zone of the Wilderness, similar to Calvarion and Artio. But, still has access to all the same loot and a chance at the Venenatis pet.

Where to fight the Spindel?

Spindel is located in the Web Chasm inside of the ruins. This can be found south of the black chinchompa spot and north-west of the level 25 wilderness green dragons. You can reach the dungeon entrance by:

  • Ferox Enclave teleport, exit the area north and run north-east
  • Graveyard of Shadows teleport and run north
  • Level 18 wilderness obelisk and run north-west
  • Use the canoe in Edgeville to travel north of the black chinchompa spot, then run south-east
osrs spindel location
How to get to Spindel

Gear setup for Spindel

osrs spindel gear setup
Spindel Gear Setup

Fight overview

  • Spindel is weak to crush
  • Pray protect from melee through-out the kill and stand in melee distance.
  • Spindel will spawn 2 small spiderlings, they will drain your prayer, you can choose to kill or ignore these.
  • She will also shoot out a big web, you can see this coming towards you as a small ball of webs, move 4 tiles out of the way to dodge it. Tanking it results in a lot of damage and lowers your run energy so this is not advised. Be sure to not walk through it either if you can avoid, as it will damage you.