OSRS Callisto Guide

Callisto makes up one of the three main high-level bosses in the Wilderness, with the other two being Venenatis and Vet’ion. This monster is completely immune to magic damage and is one of two monsters to drop the tyrannical ring. With the other monster being Artio, a weaker solo version of Callisto.

How to get to Callisto?

Callisto is located at Callisto’s Den at around level 40 wilderness. This is a multi-combat area just south of the Demonic Ruins. The fastest methods of travelling here include:

  • Annakarl teleport and run south.
  • Level 50 wilderness obelisk and run east then south.
  • Black Chinchompa hunting area teleport and run north-east.
  • Dark Crabs fishing teleport and run north.
OSRS entrance to Callisto
Entrance to Callisto

Gear setup for Callisto

OSRS Callisto Gear Setup
Callisto Gear Setup

Fight overview

  • Use protect from ranged as your main protective prayer
  • Immediately freeze callisto with Ice Barrage and continue to do this whenever he becomes free. Keep out of melee range at all times.
  • When Callisto launches his slow magic attack at the player, switch to protect from magic before the attack reaches your character.
  • When he launches his ghostly bear traps attack on the surrounding floor, avoid these. If you step into one you will be unable to move.