OSRS Tree Patches

A tree patch in OSRS is an area where players can plant and grow their own trees. These can be chopped for their respective logs when fully grown, along with woodcutting experience. Although, the most common reason for planting trees is for the fast rates of farming experience.

To plant a tree, the patch must be cleared of all previous trees, roots and weeds. This can be done manually, or by paying the nearby farmer 200 coins.

Types of Trees in OSRS

LevelTreeSeedGrow TimeProtection FeeTotal Experience
15OakAcorn3 Hours 20 MinsTomatoes(5) x 1481.3
30WillowWillow4 HoursApples(5) x 11,481.5
45MapleMaple5 Hours 20 MinsOranges(5) x 13,448.4
60YewYew6 Hours 40 MinsCactus Spine x 107,150.9
75MagicMagic8 HoursCoconut x 2513,913.8

Tree Patch Locations


Located to the west of Lumbridge Castle. Use a Lumbridge teleport for quick access to the area. The Gardeners name is Fayeth.

OSRS Lumbridge tree patch
Lumbridge tree patch


Located inside the walls of the Varrock Castle. Use a Varrock Teleport for a quick nearby teleport or the Spirit Tree in the Grand Exchange. The Gardeners name is Treznor.

OSRS Varrock tree patch
Varrock tree patch

Falador Park

Located in the Falador Park, on the northern side of Falador. Use a falador teleport or ring of wealth for a quick, nearby teleport. The Gardeners name is Heskel.

OSRS Falador tree patch
Falador tree patch


Located in the South-east corner of Taverley. Nearby areas can be accessed quickly with the following methods: Taverley teleport, Balloon transport system, games necklace or falador teleport. The Gardener is named Alain.

OSRS Taverley tree patch
Taverley tree patch

Tree Gnome Stronghold

Located in the South-west part of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Nearby teleports include the slayer ring to the stronghold slayer cave, spirit tree teleport, royal seed pod, gnome glider and more. The Gardeners name is Prissy Scilla.

OSRS Tree Gnome Stronghold tree patch
Tree Gnome Stronghold tree patch

Farming Guild

Located in the south-western part of the Farming Guild. Nearby teleports include; the skills necklace to Farming Guild, farming cape teleport, spirit tree to farming guild, fairy ring code C-I-R and more. The gardener is named Rosie.

OSRS Farming Guild Tree Patch
Farming Guild Tree Patch

Efficient Tree Run order

  1. Start at the Lumbridge Tree Patch.
  2. Teleport to Varrock and plant your next tree.
  3. Run to the Spirit Tree at the Grand Exchange and go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  4. Plant your next tree here then teleport to Falador.
  5. Plant at the Falador Tree Patch then run or teleport to Taverley.
  6. After planting at the Taverley patch, teleport to the Farming Guild via a Skills Necklace.
Efficient Tree Run order osrs
Efficient Tree Run order