OSRS Amulet of Torture

The Amulet of Torture is the best in slot melee necklace in OSRS. It requires a minimum of level 75 hit points to equip and provides the highest strength bonus of any necklace.

An Amulet of Torture kit can be obtained from Master Clue Scrolls and used to create the Amulet of Torture (or). Although, this upgrade is purely cosmetic and does not alter any of the items stats.

Torture Stats

OSRS Amulet of Torture Stats
Amulet of Torture Stats

How to get a Torture Amulet?

The Amulet of Torture can be made by using a level 7 enchant spell on a Zenyte Necklace. The original Zenyte Necklace is made from a Zenyte Shard, which can be obtained by killing Demonic Gorillas.

Amulet of Torture Vs Fury

The Amulet of Torture is much better than the Amulet of Fury and a direct upgrade for Melee. The Torture has +2 more strength and +5 more accuracy. So, if you want to have a BIS melee gear setup, then you’ll want to get a Torture.

However, the increase isn’t that big and doesn’t always increase your max hit. So, there may be better investments to make before-hand. Additionally, the fury can function as an all-round necklace for multiple attack styles.

Amulet of Torture uses

The Amulet of Torture has a wide variety of uses, since it is the best necklace for melee. Its used pretty much everywhere you’d use melee, some examples of this include:

The torture amulet would also be brought as a switch if you’re doing any type of hybrid PVM.

Is the Amulet of Torture worth it?

Yes, since the Amulet of Torture is the best necklace for melee, obtaining it should be one of your goals. Especially if you want to create a best in slot setup for each of the combat styles.