OSRS Aerial Fishing Guide

Aerial fishing is an activity that makes use of both the Hunter and Fishing skills. You will need a minimum of 35 hunter and 43 fishing to use this method of training. The method does not provide very high rates of experience, as such it is usually avoided.

However, players can use it as a way to get the Anglers Outfit. Which is usually more enjoyable and removes the RNG factor of receiving pieces from Fishing Trawler. As with Aerial Fishing each piece of Angler can be bought for 100 Molch Pearls each.

Where is Aerial Fishing?

Aerial Fishing spots are found on Lake Molch. An isolated island, found slightly west of the Shayzien house. To reach the island you will need to take a boat from the shore, there are a total of three boats. One on the north, east and west sides. The fastest methods of travelling to the island include:

  • Fairy ring code D-J-R to the chasm of fire and run west to the easten dock.
  • Kharedst’s memoirs to Shayzien area and run west.
  • Skills necklace to farming guild and run south-east.
OSRS Ariel Fishing location
Ariel Fishing location

How to catch fish

Speak to Alry the Angler to acquire a Cormorant and Cormorant’s Glove. The mechanics for this are very similar to Falconry. You send the Cormorant out and he will return with a fish. However, the Cormorant will need bait to use, in the form of King Worms, which are scattered across the island floor.

Try to reduce the birds travel distance as much as possible. Anything one tile adjacent will be the fastest travel time. Reducing the birds travel time means overall faster experience rates, so try to aim for the closest fish.

How to catch Molch Pearls?

When training with Aerial Fishing, you will have a random chance of receiving the Molch Pearls in your inventory. These can be exchanged for rewards by taking them to Alry the Angler’s Angling Accessories store.

Molch Pearl drop rate

Molch Pearls have a drop rate between 1/100 and 1/75, dependant on your hunter and fishing levels. The higher the levels the more common they become. With efficient fishing players can expect between 16 and 24 pearls per hour on average.


  • Angler’s Outfit piece – 100 Molch Pearls.
  • Pearl Fishing Rod – 100 Molch Pearls.
  • Pearl Fly Fishing Rod – 120 Molch Pearls.
  • Pearl Barbarian Rod – 150 Molch Pearls.
  • Fish Sack – 1,000 Molch Pearls.

Aerial Fishing Experience Rates

When starting out at the minimum level requirements players should expect 18k fishing experience and 26k hunter experience every hour. This scales up to a maximum of around 63k fishing and 82k hunter when both skills are level 99. Check the full breakdown of experience rates in the table and graph below.

OSRS Aerial Fishing Experience Rates
Aerial Fishing Experience Rates