OSRS Chopping Redwood Trees

The Redwood Tree is the largest tree in Oldschool Runescape. It requires a minimum of level 90 woodcutting to chop, each log grants a total of 380 woodcutting experience. Chopping them is currently one of the best training methods for woodcutting in OSRS.

How to Get to Redwood Trees?

The Redwood Trees are found exclusively in the Woodcutting Guild. Unless the player has planted their own Redwood Sapling in the Farming Guild (90+ Farming required).

To access the Woodcutting Guild requires 75%+ Hosidius Favour and a minimum woodcutting level of 60. The fastest methods to travel to the guild include:

  • Skills Necklace teleport to the Woodcutting Guild
  • Xeric’s Talisman to Xeric’s Lookout and run south
  • Spirit Tree to Hosidius and run south-west
  • Teleport to Kourend Castle and run south
  • Tithe Farm teleport and run west
OSRS Woodcutting Guild
Woodcutting Guild

Redwoods XP per hour

When starting out players can expect around 60,000 woodcutting xp per hour. Scaling up to 70,000 xp per hour as you progress to higher levels.

Where is best to cut Redwoods?

Always cut Redwoods in the Woodcutting Guild. As the area has a +7 invisible boost to Woodcutting. This makes your hourly experience rates slightly faster than the Farming Guild Redwood.