OSRS Armadyl Crossbow

The Armadyl Crossbow (ACB) is a one-handed ranged weapon. It can be equipped in combat if you have level 70 ranged or higher. With the ability to fire all types of bolts, including dragon bolts. Players can receive the Armadyl Crossbow as a unique reward from Commander Zilyana.

Runescapes lore suggests Zilyana stole the crossbow from Kree’arra. For this reason the weapon is considered an armadyl item in the God Wars Dungeon.

Armadyl Crossbow Stats

osrs Armadyl Crossbow stats
Armadyl Crossbow stats


Players can upgrade the Armadyl Crossbow to a Zaryte Crossbow. For this they will need to combine the ACB with a nihil horn and 250 nihil shards.

Special attack

The Armadyl Crossbow has a special attack called the Armadyl Eye, which consumes 50% special attack energy. When used it will double your accuracy and double the chance of an enchanted bolt’s passive effect activating.

This stacks with the bonuses provided by the Hard Kandarin diary for bolt activation.

osrs acb Special attack
Special attack

Uses for the Armadyl Crossbow – where is it good?

The Arma Crossbow is largely used as a budget item, as it is the second best crossbow, behind the ZCB. Predominately being used by people who can not afford the Zaryte Crossbow or Twisted Bow. However, some of its most useful places include:

  • Inferno
  • Fight Caves
  • Chambers of Xeric
  • Tombs of Amascut

Is the Armadyl Crossbow worth it?

No, the Armadyl Crossbow is only slightly better than the dragon crossbow or dragon hunter crossbow. Yet, it holds a consistently high value, this is because it is a difficult item to obtain and because its value is partially tied to the Zaryte Crossbow. It’s far better to have a dragon crossbow and invest the money into other items, or pay for a DHCB as it has more uses.

Does Armadyl crossbow degrade?

No the Armadyl Crossbow is not a degradable item.