OSRS Grotesque Guardians Guide

The Grotesque Guardians is the earliest unlocked slayer boss, players can fight them at level 75 slayer. They are also known as the Gargoyle boss, as they require a Gargoyle task to fight them. Other slayer bosses people can fight while on-task include; Hydra, Sire, the Kraken, Cerberus and the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil.

In this OSRS Grotesque Guardian guide, we’ll look at some of the most efficient strategies to kill this monster.

How to get to Grotesque Guardians in OSRS?

The gargoyle boss is located at the top floor of the Slayer Tower. To reach the Slayer Tower you can travel there with the following methods:

  • Slayer ring teleport to slayer tower
  • Fairy ring code C-K-S and run north
  • Kharyrll teleport and run north-west (Desert Treasure completion required)
  • Salve Graveyard teleport (Arceuus spellbook required)
  • Ectophial teleport and run west
  • Walk from Varrock, through digsite and through paterdomus (longest route by far).
how to get to slayer tower osrs
How to get to Slayer Tower

Grotesque Guardians Gear Setup

OSRS Grotesque Guardians Gear
Gear Setup
  • SGS can be replaced with dragon claws, or removed entirely to use the blowpipe as a special attack weapon.
  • Dragon darts should be used to maximise chance to skip healing phase of Dawn.
  • Blood fury will remove reliance on high healing food, letting you stay for a long time.
  • Rock hammer required in inventory to finish the boss, similar to fighting Gargoyles.

Strategy required for the Gargoyle bosses

The fight is made up of 4 key phases. During 2 phases Dawn is attackable and another 2 phases Dusk is attackable. They can not be attacked simultaneously.

Phase 1

  • Dawn will be attackable, use blowpipe to deal damage immediately.
  • Dusk will be attacking you with melee, Dawn will attack you with ranged. Either stand in melee range of Dawn and pray melee, or stand under Dusk and pray range. Standing inside of dawn is the best for reducing damage, although it is more annoying to do as you need to re-adjust your position as the npc moves.
  • When Dawn reaches 55% hp the next phase will start.

Phase 2

  • Dusk will attack the player with melee, use protect from melee. Attack Dusk with your melee gear.
  • After one melee attack Dusk will use his explosive shock wave attack. This can be avoided entirely by moving one space back from Dusk, out of his melee range. If you do not do this you will be knocked back to the outer edges of the room and damage dealt to you.
  • Through-out the phase, Dawn will send debris into the arena. They have a 3×3 AoE, and can deal up to 22 damage, while stunning the player for several seconds.
  • Do not stand under Dusk, as you can be dealt up to 30-40 trample damage.
  • At 55% hp on Dusk, the next phase will commence.
  • There will be a small transition period before phase 3, where lightning strikes will hit tiles on the arena. They will be highlighted with orange and purple markers. Simply stand clear of them and wait for the Guardians to stop doing their animation.

Phase 3

  • Similar to phase 1, Dawn is the only attackable monster, but Dusk can still attack you.
  • She starts the phase by releasing three energy spheres into the room. They grow from small to medium and then large. You can either absorb them as soon as possible, or attempt to out-dps them. If they reach full growth, they will heal Dawn for 90 health each.
  • You can out-damage the healing orbs 75% of the time with 90+ ranged, blowpipe and amethyst darts. That chance scales up higher with max gear/stats.
  • Once Dawn reaches 10 hp or below, you can use the rock hammer on her to finish her off.
  • Phase 4 will now commence when she is dead.

Phase 4

  • When Dawn is killed, Dusk will absorb her essence, increasing his combat level and stats.
  • He will use both ranged and melee attacks. His melee hits up to 26, while his range hits a max of 15.
  • There is a 1/6 chance to switch attack styles if the player is not praying correctly. Making it advantageous to pray against his most recent attack style.
  • During the phase, he will also have a new special attack. He drags players into a square barrier of blue flames, if you fail to leave the area in time, it will deal up to 50+ damage to you. Dusk will heal himself for the exact damage dealt to you also.
  • When he is below 10 hp, finish him with the rock hammer and the fight will be complete.

Grotesque Guardians FAQs

Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions for people new to killing Grotesque Guardians in osrs.

How many Grotesque Guardians kills an hour Osrs?

Between 32 and 36 kills per hour is possible at the gargoyle boss.

What to pray against Grotesque Guardians?

Pray protect from missiles against Dawn and pray protect from melee against Dusk during phase 2. During the final phase, pray against Dusks last used attack style (melee/range).

How much slayer xp does Grotesque Guardians give?

Killing the Grotesque Guardians will reward the player with 1,350 slayer experience. This makes it possible to get up to 45,000 slayer exp per hour. The best experience rates of any slayer boss.