OSRS Dagannoth Kings Guide

The Dagannoth Kings, also known as “DKS” are a trio of bosses, each representing a corner of the combat triangle. They are a mid-level boss in terms of difficulty, similar to the likes of KBD, Sarachnis, Giant Mole and Skotizo.

How to get to DKS lair in OSRS?

The DKS lair is found in the sixth level of Waterbirth Island Dungeon. It is a long journey to the lair, taking around 1-2 minutes running from the entrance of the Dungeon. So, a stamina potion or pre-pot is recommended.

To reach waterbirth island you can:

  • Lunar spell teleport to Waterbirth island.
  • PoH teleport to Waterbirth island (other players PoH can be used in world 330).
  • Walk to Rellekka and take the boat to waterbirth island.

From the Waterbirth island dungeon entrance you will need to follow a specific route. Passing a series of doors and ladders to reach the Dagannoth Kings. If you are travelling alone you will need Rune throwing axe’s and a pet stone. A map has been attached below to show the route to the DKS lair.

osrs route to dagannoth kings
Route to the Dagannoth Kings Lair

Dagannoth Kings Gear Setup

osrs Dagannoth Kings Gear Setup
Dagannoth Kings Gear Setup

Downgrade to lower-tiered gear where necessary. Weapon downgrades should be done as follows:

How to kill the Dagannoth Kings

The fight is very simple, each of the Dagannoth Kings can only be damaged with a specific attack style. They will also only attack with one attack style.

  • Dagannoth Prime: Will only use magic-based attacks. He is the strongest Dagannoth, always pray protect from magic if he is alive in the room. Prime is weak to ranged attacks.
  • Dagannoth Rex: Will only use melee-based attacks. He can be safe-spotted or binded/frozen in place. Rex is weak to magic attacks.

Dagannoth Supreme: Will only use ranged-based attacks. He is weak to melee attacks. Pray ranged against him as long as Prime is not in the room.

dagannoth kings osrs
DKS Attacks and Protection Prayers

Spinolyps can also be found with in the DKS lair. They do not hit high and should generally be ignored. However, they will infect you with poison, this is what the sanfew’s in the gear setup are for. They can also be used to regain hp on while waiting for Dagannoth Kings to respawn, using the SGS or blood spells if you have brought.

Dagannoth Kings FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill the Dagannoth Kings for the first time.

Are Dagannoth Kings worth killing?

Yes, Dagannoth Kings provide some of the best gp per hour. As their bones provide consistent profit if you have elite Fremennik diary completed for noted bones. The Berserker Ring and Archer Ring always hold consistent value and are not too uncommon.

Can you solo Dagannoth Rex?

Yes, it is possible to solo Dagannoth Rex without having to deal with the other DKS. If you position yourself to the back of the room out of the aggro-range of the other DKS. You can lure Rex to the safe-spot to kill

Can you log out at Dagannoth Kings?

Yes, however, you will not normally be able to log out the traditional way, in the client. As Spinolyps will continually attack you inside the lair. It is easier to “X-log” this is where you log out by closing the entire client. But, make sure no Dagannoth kings can attack you when doing this.