OSRS Artio Guide

Artio is the weaker and simpler version of Callisto. The boss can also be found in single-plus combat zones making it far safer than its stronger counter-part. Additionally, Atrio has access to the exact same drop table (similar to Spindel and Calvarion), so you can get unique’s such as the Dragon Pickaxe, wilderness rings and even the Callisto pet.

Where to fight the Artio?

Artio is located in found in a cave at around level 25 wilderness. Slightly west of the Graveyard of Shadows and slightly north-west of the ferox enclave. The fastest way to reach it is by:

  • Dueling ring teleport to Ferox Enclave, exit and run north-west
  • Graveyard of Shadows teleport and run west
osrs artio location
Artio location

Gear setup for Artio

osrs artio gear setup
Artio Gear Setup

Fight overview

  • Pray protect from melee
  • Artio will attack with all three styles. Always pray melee if he is in melee range, or range if you are kiting him. He will do a very powerful mage attack that can be negated with protect from mage. He will do a charge up animation when he is about to launch his magic attack, switch your prayer when you see it happening.
  • Half way through the kill, Artio will put red circles around the floor in the arena. These will deal damage if you stand on them, so avoid them at all costs.

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