OSRS Dragon Pickaxe

The Dragon Pickaxe is the second strongest pickaxe in the game currently, behind the Crystal Pickaxe. It is used predominately in the mining skill to collect ores and requires 61 mining to use. To equip this item you will need 60 attack, but this is not necessary if you only wish to use it for mining. As long as the pickaxe is in your inventory it will work.

Dragon Pickaxe Stats

OSRS Dragon Pickaxe stats
Dragon Pickaxe stats

Special Attack

The Dragon Pickaxe special attack can be used to boost the players mining level by 3. This is beneficial as it can allow you to mine ores at a faster rate. In addition, it allows you to mine ores you might not have access to. For example using the special attack at level 82 mining will boost you to 85, giving access to runite ore. The special attack can be twice as effective when paired with the Lightbearer as it doubles your rate of special attack regeneration.

OSRS Dragon Pickaxe special attack animation
special attack animation

Dragon Pickaxe Vs Rune Pickaxe

The Dragon Pickaxe is a direct upgrade from the rune pickaxe. It works out to be around 6% more effective at mining ores than the rune pickaxe.

Uses for the Dragon Pickaxe – where is it good?

The Dragon Pickaxe is the best non-degradable pickaxe for mining. This includes activities such as Amethyst Mining, Motherlode Mine, Volcanic Mine, Granite Mining, Gem Rock Mining, Blast Mining and more. If you do not want to pay the fee’s associated with the Crystal Pickaxe, this is your best option.

The Dragon Pickaxe is also best in slot for the Guardians room in the Chambers of Xeric. It provides the highest amount of damage, tied with the Crystal Pickaxe and 3rd age pickaxe.

Is the Dragon Pickaxe worth it?

Yes, as previously mentioned the Dragon Pickaxe is one of the best pickaxes in the game. It also does not have any drawbacks like the Crystal Pickaxe does in terms of up-keep. The Pickaxe maintains a consistently low price and is not expensive to buy. Meaning its worth spending the small amount of gold to have it available for mining and other uses.