OSRS Ava’s Assembler

The Ava’s Assembler is an upgraded version of the Ava’s Accumulator. It requires a minimum of level 70 ranged to equip it and provides the second best ranged bonuses of any item in the cape slot for OSRS.

Players can add the Masori crafting kit to aesthetically altar the appearance of the assembler. The kit is untradeable and can only be obtained as a reward for completing a Tombs of Amascut on invocation levels 350 or higher. The Ava’s can also be combined with the max cape to give another cosmetic variation. None of these cosmetic changes affect the items stats.

Ava’s Assembler Stats

OSRS Ava's Assembler Stats
Ava’s Assembler Stats

How do you get an Ava’s Assembler?

To obtain an Ava’s Assembler players must have completed the Dragon Slayer II quest. Upon completion of the quest players will need to kill Vorkath to obtain a Vorkath’s head. The Vorkath’s head has a drop rate of 1/50 and is guaranteed on your 50th Vorkath kill. You can take the head along with 75 mithril arrows to Ava in Draynor to upgrade to the Assembler.

How do you fix a broken Ava’s?

If you die below level 20 wilderness with the Assembler it will become broken. To repair the item you will need to take it to Perdu, along with 75,000 coins to pay him to fix it. Perdu can be found at Lumbridge, Catherby, Edgeville, Falador and the Ferox Enclave.

Uses for the Ava’s Assembler – where is it good?

The Ava’s Assembler is the best ranged gear cape, so it is a highly used item. Any content that you are doing a high volume of ranged attacks you will want it. Some examples of where it can be used include:

Is the upgraded Ava’s worth it?

Yes, the Assembler is a free upgrade that is essential to account progression. Providing the best in slot cape for all ranged combat encounters. It has a huge amount of utility as it increases ranged max hits and accuracy at a variety of content.

Completion of the Dragon Slayer II quest to get access to the Ava’s upgrade is also a requirement for other best in slot items such as the ferocious gloves.

Does the Ava’s help with Chins?

The Ava’s ability to collect fired ammunition does not apply to Chinchompas. This is likely due to the fact the Chinchompas explode when they hit the target. Meaning there is nothing left to retrieve.