OSRS Ferocious Gloves

The Ferocious gloves are an item worn in the glove slot of OSRS. Currently they are the best melee gloves in the game, with the highest offensive bonuses of any item in that slot. They require players to have a minimum of 80 attack and defence to wear them. Additionally, they must be made by the player, in Lithkren, which can only be accessed with completion of the Dragon Slayer II quest.

Ferocious Gloves Stats

osrs Ferocious Gloves Stats
Ferocious Gloves Stats

How to make the Ferocious Gloves?

Players will need Hydra Leather which can be obtained by killing the Alchemical Hydra. They can then take the leather, along with a hammer to the Lithkren Vault (after completing Dragon Slayer II). In the south-west area of the Vault, players can find the machinery, use your hydra leather on it to create the Ferocious Gloves.

Uses for Ferocious Gloves – where are they good?

Ferocious Gloves are useful anywhere that you would find yourself doing a large amount of melee-based damage and attacks. This could be training slayer, killing bandos, raiding, killing slayer bosses such as cerberus, Abyssal Sire and many more.

Ferocious Gloves Vs Barrows Gloves

The Barrows Gloves are a more versatile glove than the Ferocious Gloves. If you are looking purely at melee-based bonuses then the Ferocious Gloves will win every time. However, if you are in hybrid-based PVM scenarios where you are using all three combat styles but also want to reduce the amount of switches you bring, then the barrows gloves will be better.

While the barrows gloves provide less melee offensive stats, they do offer versatility for hybriding. As unlike the ferocious gloves the barrows do not have negative range and mage stats. Barrows gloves also have additional defence bonuses. So, the barrows gloves may prove more useful for content such as DKS.

Are the Ferocious Gloves worth it?

Yes, so long as your bank is around 100m or higher you should own a pair of ferocious gloves. They have held a consistently low value since their release. Due to the large volumes of players killing Hydra daily. Additionally, they are a pair of gloves that are used so frequently in PVM situations and are one of the best melee gear items. Their price and usability makes them a priority item for anyone serious about PVM.