OSRS Dragon Crossbow

The Dragon Crossbow is a ranged weapon in OSRS, that requires a minimum of level 64 ranged to equip. It has the ability to fire any type of bolt, including the dragon bolts. To make this crossbow you will need a fletching level of 78 or higher, a magic stock and dragon limbs. Dragon limbs are obtained exclusively from Adamant Dragons and Rune Dragons.

Dragon Crossbow Stats

OSRS Dragon Crossbow stats
Dragon Crossbow stats

Special attack

This special attack drains 60% of your special attack energy. The attack has the ability to hit up to 9 enemies in a 3×3 area. The primary target for the attack will receive 20% additional damage. While the surrounding players will take 20% less damage.

OSRS Dragon Crossbow Special Attack
Dragon Crossbow Special Attack

Uses for the Dragon Crossbow – where is it good?

The dragon crossbow has a wide variety of uses. It is a strong ranged weapon at various high-levelled monsters and bosses. However, it is important to note that there is always a more powerful weapon. This is one of the best crossbows for players on a budget, as it is affordable, but powerful for its price. Some of its most useful places include:

Is the Dragon Crossbow worth it?

The Dragon Crossbow is worth it for budget setups. Accounts with not a lot of gold to spend can get significant use out of this item. However, as you progress and gain more in-game wealth you can swap this out for better weapons such as the Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Twisted Bow and Zaryte Crossbow.

Dragon Crossbow Vs Blowpipe comparison

The Toxic Blowpipe is significantly better against monster with low defence and hitpoints due to its faster attacks. However, if you are up against a monster with high defence and hitpoints then the dragon crossbow will generally be better. As it is more accurate and can deal higher damage per attack.