OSRS Black Salamanders Guide

The Black Salamander is the strongest type of salamander. It is caught with the hunter skill at level 67 or higher, and provides some of the best experience rates in the game for that level. Salamanders can be used as weapons, that use both magic and ranged. Although, they are not particularly useful in PvM situations, as they are not particularly strong or effective. Other types of Salamander include the Red Salamander, Orange Salamander and Swamp Lizards.

Requirements to catch Black Salamanders?

  • 67+ Hunter
  • 5+ Ropes
  • 5+ small fishing nets
  • Stamina potions
  • 3-4 pieces of food

Where to catch Black Salamanders?

Black Salamanders are found in the Boneyard Hunter area. This is a wilderness location and the only place they are found in the game. However, you do not need to take anything of value with you (just ropes and nets). The area is also relatively quiet as PKers know the skillers in this area aren’t risking anything valuable. The best way to travel there is by:

  • Burning amulet teleport to Chaos Temple and run north-east
  • Carrallanger teleport tab then run east
  • Wilderness obelisk teleport to level 19 and run east
  • Games necklace to the Corporeal Beast lair and run east.
  • Enter wilderness from Varrock and run north-east
OSRS Black Salamander Hunter Area
Black Salamander Hunter Area

Catch Chance

OSRS Catch rates for Black Salamanders based on Hunter level

Black Salamander Experience Rates

They can only be hunted in the wilderness, but this actually increases experience rates. As players can place an extra trap in the wilderness compared to non-wilderness locations. At level 67 hunter, players can expect around 110k hunter experience per hour. This scales to 140k exp per hour when players reach level 80 hunter. Although it is recommended to move on to Black Chinchompas as soon as they are unlocked.