OSRS Vet’ion Guide

Vet’ion makes up one of the three main high-level bosses in the Wilderness, with the other two being Venenatis and Callisto. The boss has two forms which must both be defeated. It is one of two monster to drop a Ring of the Gods, along with Calvarion.

How to get to Vet’ion?

Vet’ion can be found to the north of the Bone Yard. Some of the fastest methods to get there include:

  • Games Necklace to the Corporeal Beast, exit the cave and run north.
  • Wilderness obelisk to level 35 wildernes and run east.
  • Yes, the canoe to the east of edgeville and create a waka canoe. This will take you near the black chinchompa grounds, run east from here. This requires 57 woodcutting.
OSRS Vetion Entrance
Vet’ion Entrance

Gear setup for Vet’ion

OSRS Gear setup for Vet'ion
Gear setup for Vet’ion

Vet’ion is considered an undead monster, meaning the Salve Amulet can be used effectively here.

Vet’ion’s attacks and abilities

  • Hellhounds: at 50% hp in each of its two forms, vet’ion will spawn two hellhounds and become immune to damage until they are dead.
  • Magic Attack: Vet’ion launches bolts of lightning across the area. These deal damage in a 3×3 AoE and can be dodged similar to crystals at olm in CoX.
  • Shield Bash: Vet’ion will raise his shield and bash a specific area in front and under him. Shadows will appear to highlight the area. Simply move out of the way of the attack.
  • Enraged Form: At 0% hp of the first form Vet’ion will blast an orange lightning around him and restore his health for the next phase.

Fight overview

All of Vet’ions attacks are AoE, meaning the boss is essentially 0 damage if done correctly. As all of the AoE attacks are 100% avoidable. Follow this step by step guide for each kill:

  1. Attack Vet’ion and lower its hp to 50%.
  2. Two hellhounds will spawn, kill both of these as Vet’ion will be immune until they die.
  3. Attack vet’ion until it reaches 0 hp on its first form.
  4. At 0 hp he will charge up lightning around him. Stand inside of Vet’ion to negate this attack.
  5. Repeat this for the next phase, killing the two hellhounds that spawn again until vet’ion is dead.