OSRS Lightbearer Ring

The Lightbearer ring is a unique and powerful ring in OSRS, with no requirements to wear and use it. It can only be obtained as a rare reward from the Tombs of Amascut. The ring has the ability to double the players special attack regeneration rate. This only applies when the ring is being worn, if you are to unequip the ring it will cause the special attack energy restoration timer to reset itself. This is the rings only function and it does not posses any offensive, defensive or prayer related stats.

OSRS Lightbearer Ring
Lightbearer Ring

Uses for the Lightbearer ring – where is it good?

The lighbearer is one of the best rings in osrs and has a huge amount of implications for different types of content. There is a number of situations in which this ring can prove itself very useful. These are listed below


The most obvious use is in bossing scenarios. Any monsters that posses significantly high defence levels and rely on using the Dragon Warhammer and Bandos Godsword to lower the defence. Examples of this include the different demi-bosses in the Chambers of Xeric, in addition to the great olm.

Moreover, situations where the bosses have low defence and you can use high damage spec weapons such as the dragon claws, zaryte crossbow and voidwalker. A good example of this is CoX again, but also the Tombs of Amascut.

Conserving resources

When use alongside special attacks that regenerate hitpoints and prayer points this ring can be very good. For example using the Saradomin Godsword, Blowpipe and Eldritch staff special attacks to extend the length of time you can be at a specific area. This is useful in situations where supplies are limited such as Dagannoth Kings and the inferno.


When using dragon or crystal tools you unlock a special attack that increase your skilling level by up to 3 levels. This means that if you have the Lightbearer ring equipped you will be able to use this special attack twice as many times. In turn increasing your skilling experience rates.

Lightbearer Vs Berserker Ring

The efficiency of the berserker ring and lightbearer are relatively similar. If you are more reliant on the effectiveness of special attack weapons at a specific type of content, then the lightbearer will be better. Examples of where the lightbearer is better include Chambers of Xeric and Tombs of Amascut. Whereas the berserker ring is better for Theatre of Blood.

Is the Lightbearer worth it?

Yes, the lightbearer is an extremely cheap item now, due to how common of a reward it is at the Tombs of Amascut. Meaning you can pick one up without having to invest a lot of time into making money. It is also hugely versatile, although it does require you to have more expensive special attack weapons when using it efficiently in bossing situations.