OSRS Blast Mining Guide

The Blast Mine is a mining training method found in Lovakengj. To use this training method you will need a minimum of 43 mining. The method is highly click intensive but offers both competitive experience rates and moderate levels of passive profit while training. It is also favourable among players who don’t mind high-intensity methods but do not wish to use tick manipulation.

How to get to the Blast Mine?

The Blast mine is located in the northern part of the Lovakengj region of Kourend. To get to the area you can use a range of different transportation methods including:

  • Xeric’s Talisman to Xeric’s Inferno teleport and run north
  • Fairy Ring C-I-S and run west then north
  • Fairy Ring D-J-R to the chasm of fire then run north
  • Games necklace to Wintertodt and run south-west
OSRS Blast Mine Location
Blast Mine Location

Step by Step guide for Blast Mining

In order to use your time efficiently in the Blast mine, you want to focus on three main factors:

  1. Reduce your time waiting for dynamite to explode.
  2. Reduce amount of time spent running back and forth from the deposit sack.
  3. Reduce the overall damage you take during the activity.

In order to keep to these three core principles when doing the blast mine activity, we will want to keep a consistent set of steps that we can continually repeat. This will take place in the north-western corner of the blast mine, which is shown in the image below.

Blast Mine Step by Step Spots
Blast Mine Step by Step Spots

Using the image as a reference point when using the blast mine, follow our step by step guide:

  1. Excavate the rock labelled 1, place and light dynamite in the rock.
  2. Excavate the rock labelled 2, place and light dynamite in the rock.
  3. Excavate and place dynamite on rocks 3 and 4. After both have dynamite placed in them, light both.
  4. Excavate and place dynamite on rocks 5 and 6. After both have dynamite placed in them, light both.
  5. Pick up the blasted ores in the following order; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 1. Run to the sack and deposit the ores.
  6. Grab more dynamite if necessary and repeat the process.

This method when done correctly will result in 0 damage being taken. Meaning once you’re used to the cycle you won’t need any food. Just remember your chisel and tinderbox. It is also highly recommended to wear the graceful outfit or weight-reducing gear, due to the large amount of running this requires.

Experience Rates with Blast Mining

At level 75 expect around 55,000 mining experience per hour. This will increase to around 65,000 mining experience per hour at level 90. Finally at level 99 you can expect around 75,000 mining experience per hour with this method.

Players can also expect around 16,500 firemaking experience per hour from lighting the dynamite.

Profit per hour

Assuming you use the above step by step guide, you will be able to use around 330 dynamite per hour. Profit is largely based on your access to high level ores, at blast mine you can get ores 10 levels before they are usually available. Meaning runite is available from level 75 which makes up the bulk of your profits.

Therefore, at level 70 players can expect around 300k gp per hour. Scaling up to a potential 800k gp per hour when blast mining at level 99.