OSRS Elite Void

The Elite Void armour set is an upgrade version of the regular Void Knight equipment. Similar to regular void, players are required to have 42 attack, strength, defence, magic, hitpoints and ranged to equip the armour. You will also need to have completed the hard western provinces diary.

How do you get a set of Elite Void?

The armour set is obtained from the Pest Control minigame and comes with 3 different helmets, one for each combat style. Upgrading from regular void to elite void costs 200 void knight commendation points per piece.

However, you will need to already have a full set of regular void equipment. This costs 650 points for the robe bottoms, top and gloves. With an additional 200 points required per helm. In total this is 1250 points for the full regular set with all three helms, and 1650 points when you include the upgrade to elite void.

Elite Void Stats

osrs Elite Void stats
Elite Void stats

Set Effects

The elite void upgrade does not affect the melee bonuses, using the melee void set you still get 10% boost to melee damage and accuracy. However, the set does provide an additional 2.5% damage boost to the mage and ranged sets. This results in a set effect of 12.5% ranged damaged and accuracy for the ranged set. With a set effect of 45% magic accuracy and 2.5% magic damage bonus for the magic set.

In addition, the elite void robe and top now have a +3 prayer bonus, totalling an extra +6 prayer bonus for upgrading the set to elite void.

Uses for Elite Void – where is it good?

The elite void ranged set is by far the strongest set. It provides low accuracy but very high levels of damage. Practical uses for the set include the Theatre of Blood, Chambers of Xeric, Vorkath and fight caves. The set is also best in slot for training the ranged skill with chins, due to the monsters low defence.

The full set with all three helms can also be useful as a hybrid set. Allowing you to easily switch between attack styles with a minimal amount of switches. However, this is generally not worth it, as even the most budget of magic and melee setups will out-perform void mage and melee sets.

Is Elite Void worth it?

Yes, the elite void set is a free armour set to obtain and is best in slot at many popular locations. This means it is essential for anyone looking to get into pvm at a high level. Elite void ranged is the best set currently available for players doing Theatre of Blood and Vorkath. For that reason alone it is worth investing the time into acquiring this set.

How long does it take to get Elite Void in osrs?

To upgrade from regular to elite void it should take around 4 hours. This does not include the 12-13 hours it takes to achieve the regular void knight equipment with all three helms.