OSRS Herb Patches

Herb patches are a type of patch used in the Farming skill to grow herbs. These herbs are then traditionally used to create potions with the herblore skill. Each patch requires at least one seed to begin the process of growing the specific herb type of the seed used. From planting to harvest the time taken is always 80 minutes.

Additionally, there is no way to provide full protection from disease like fruit tree patches and tree patches. However, plant cure can be applied to save diseased plants. Moreover, it is also recommended to use the magic secateurs when harvesting, to maximise your average yield.

Types of Fruit Trees in OSRS

LevelHerb / SeedGrow TimeTotal Experience
9Guam80 Minutes98.5
14Marrentill80 Minutes118.5
19Tarromin80 Minutes142
26Harralander80 Minutes189.5
29Gout Tuber / Goutweed80 Minutes420
32Ranarr80 Minutes240.5
38Toadflax80 Minutes303.5
44Irit80 Minutes382.5
50Avantoe80 Minutes485
56Kwuarm80 Minutes615
62Snapdragon80 Minutes777
67Cadantine80 Minutes946.5
73Lantadyme80 Minutes1195
79Dwarf weed80 Minutes1514.5
85Torstol80 Minutes1771

Herb Patch Locations


Located south of Falador and north of Port Sarim. This herb patch area can be easily reached with the Explorer’s ring teleport after completion of the medium lumbridge diary. Alternatively, a spirit tree teleport to Port Sarim or a Draynor teleport can be used to arrive close by.

Falador herb patch OSRS
Falador herb patch


Located in Morytania, this herb patch is slightly west of Port Phasmatys and north-east of Canifis. You can easily reach this area with an Ectophial teleport and running west. Alternatively, the fairy ring code A-L-Q will place you nearby.

OSRS Morytania herb patch
Morytania herb patch


Located on the north side of Catherby. You can easily reach this herb patch with a Catherby teleport. Alternatively, use a camelot teleport and run east.

OSRS Catherby herb patch
Catherby herb patch


Located on the outskirts of Ardougne’s northern entrance. You can travel here quickly with the Ardougne cloak teleport, unlocked after medium tier completion of the ardougne diary. Alternatively, use a fishing guild teleport or the fairy ring code B-L-R.

OSRS Ardougne herb patch
Ardougne herb patch


Located south of the Hosidius town square. Players can reach the area with an Xeric’s Glade teleport on the Xeric’s Talisman. Alternatively, the Hosidius house teleport portal or a Tithe Farm minigame teleport can be used.

OSRS Hosidius herb patch
Hosidius herb patch

Troll Stronghold

Located on the roof of the Troll Stronghold. You can reach this area fast with a Stony Basalt teleport, but this requires full completion of the quest Making Friends with My Arm. Alternatively, a Trollheim Teleport can be used.

OSRS Troll Stronghold herb patch
Troll Stronghold herb patch

Harmony Island

To use this herb patch you must have completed the Elite Morytania Diary. The patch can be accessed efficiently by using a Harmony Island Teleport. Alternatively, players can use a Mos Le’harmless teleport then talk to Brother Tranquillity.

OSRS Harmony Island herb Patch
Harmony Island herb Patch


Located on the west side of Weiss, players will need to have built the Fire of Nourishment to use this patch. You can arrive at the area rapidly with an Icy Basalt teleport. Alternatively, use the fairy ring code D-K-S then travel to Weiss on Larry’s boat.

OSRS Weiss herb patch
Weiss herb patch

Farming Guild

Located in the western quarter of the Farming Guild. You will be required to have at least 65 farming and 60% hosidius favour to enter this area. You can reach the guild fast with a farming cape teleport or skills necklace to the farming guild. There is also a spirit tree which can be planted nearby for a teleport or use the Fairy Ring code C-I-R the run south-west.

OSRS Farming Guild herb patch
Farming Guild herb patch

Efficient Herb Run Path & Order

  1. Camelot Patch
  2. Falador Patch
  3. North of Ardougne
  4. Hosidius Patch
  5. Morytania Patch
  6. Farming Guild
  7. Troll Stronghold Patch
  8. Weiss Patch
  9. Harmony Island
OSRS Herb run route and order
Herb run route and order

Herb Run FAQs

What is the max number of herbs per patch?

There is no set maximum amount of herbs per patch. However, it is possible to receive as high as 25 herbs per patch. Although, the odds of this are very small.

What is the most profitable herb?

The profitability of herbs changes based on current Grand Exchange values. However, the most profitable herbs to plant usually include the likes of Ranarr, Snapdragon and Torstol. Due to the fact they are all used to create useful potions, that are always in high demand.

Where are the disease free herb patches?

The patch in Trollheim, above the Troll Stronghold becomes disease free after completing My Arm’s Big Adventure. Additionally, the patch in Hosidius becomes disease free after 50% Hosidius favour is achieved.