OSRS Hard Clue Scrolls Guide

Hard Clue Scrolls are the third highest tier of clue scroll in OSRS. They are aimed at mid to high level players and can be completed in between 4 and 6 steps. The average loot for a hard clue is around 150k, but varies based on current GE prices. Other clue scrolls include the beginner, easy, medium, elite and master clue scrolls.

Efficient Gear & Inventory Setup

osrs Hard Clue scroll gear setup
Hard Clue scroll gear setup

If you do not own a max cape, then bring a construction cape or crafting cape and teleport to house tablets.

Wilderness Steps Gear Setup

osrs Wilderness Step Hard Clues Gear
Wilderness Step Hard Clues Gear

Fastest methods of farming Hard Clue Scrolls

The fastest method of farming hard clue scrolls is by opening Magpie impling jars. You can buy these from other players or on the Grand Exchange. Opening a magpie impling jar has a 1/50 chance of receiving a hard clue scroll.

Alternatively, if you are an ironman or don’t wish to buy impling jars. Then, you can kill hellhounds in the wilderness for a relatively fast method of obtaining hard clue scrolls. They drop at a rate of 1 in 32, if you kill them in the wilderness with an imbued ring of wealth. If you do not kill them with this ring in the wilderness then the drop rate is 1 in 64.

Jellies also have a drop rate of 1 in 64 for hard clue scrolls. Making them the best option if you do not wish to farm hard clues in the wilderness, or if you don’t have an imbued ring of wealth.