OSRS Imbued Heart

The imbued heart is an item that can be used to boost the players magic level in OSRS. It can only be obtained as a rare drop when killing superior slayer monsters. Superior monsters can only spawn during slayer tasks if you have unlocked the Bigger and Badder slayer perk. The heart can be used an infinite number of times, however, it has a cooldown of 7 minutes each use.

Boost by level

The formula used to determine how many magic levels the imbued heart will boost is as follows: [Magic Level x 1/10] + 1. A breakdown of the boosts per level bracket can be seen below.

OSRS Imbued Heart Boost by level
Boost by level


Players can upgrade to the saturated heart by combining the imbued heart with 150,000 ancient essence. These essence are obtained by killing the Phantom Muspah. The upgraded version boosts 3 levels higher at every level bracket, does not drain below max boost for 5 minutes and has a 2 minute shorter cooldown.

Uses for the Imbued Heart – where is it good?

The imbued heart has uses for almost every place you are using magic at. Level boosts are extremely important to maximise damage. Therefore, if you can reasonably fit it into your setup then you should bring it. Places it is useful include:

Is the Imbued Heart worth it?

Yes, the imbued heart is a worthwhile addition to anyone pvmers bank. It has a huge amount of uses around the game and anything that boosts levels is super important. However, I would consider opting for the upgraded version as it does not cost much more.

Does it stack with magic potion?

No, the imbued heart does not stack with magic potion boosts.