OSRS King Black Dragon Guide

The King Black Dragon is one of old school runescape’s oldest bosses and a tougher version of the iconic black dragon. It is a simple boss to many in the OSRS community, as such it is also one of the easiest bosses. Making it a perfect introduction into high-level PvM. On a similar level of difficulty to bosses such as osrs Skotizo, Sarachnis, Dagannoth Kings and the Giant Mole.

Getting to KBD’s lair

The King Black Dragon Lair can only be accessed by travelling through the wilderness. This is why the gear setups are tailored to not bringing multiple high value items. The quickest methods to reach the lair are as follows:

  • Burning Amulet: Lava Maze teleport, then run west and then north, through the gate and down the ladder.
  • PoH Obelisk (hard wilderness diary recommended). Level 44 wilderness, run south-east, through the gate and down the ladder.
  • Ghorrock Teleport (must have completed Desert Treasure). Run south-east, through the gate and down the ladder.
  • Waka Canoe (57 Woodcutting required) in Edgevill to travel to 35 wilderness. Run west, north-west. Through the gate and down the ladder.
kbd lair location
King Black Dragon Lair Location

Gear Setups for KBD

Max Gear Setup

osrs kbd best in slot gear
Best in Slot KBD Setup

Budget Gear Setup

budget kbd setup
Budget KBD Setup

Gear advice

  • Twisted bow is the best weapon for dps. But DHCB is extremely good, and you will also take less damage, through-out the trip, creating a more relaxed experience.
  • The Dragon hunter lance would be the 3rd best option.
  • If no dragonfire protective shield (i.e. Twisted Bow being used) you must pray protect from Magic. Also beneficial to stand in melee distance, as you will take less damage overall by KBD attempting to melee you.

KBD Mechanics

The King Black Dragon will attack with either Melee or Dragonfire attacks. If you are already in melee range he will use a melee attack at a rate of 33.3%. Otherwise, it will be a dragonfire attack he uses, with a 50% chance to be a special dragonfire attack.

The dragonfire attack comes in four variations:

  • Fiery breath: deal up to 65 damage if no protection from dragonfire.
  • Toxic breath: deal up to 50 damage if no protection from dragonfire. Successful hits have a chance to inflict poison, which inflicts damage starting from 8 hp.
  • Shocking Breath: deal up to 50 damage if no protection from dragonfire. On successful hits, there is a chance to drain two levels off all the players current stats.
  • Icy breath: deal up to 50 damage if no protection from dragonfire. On successful hits, chance to freeze the player for 6 seconds.

Simply attack KBD with the corresponding protection prayers based on your gear setup. Mage protection if no protective shield, protect from melee if you do have a protective shield. Eat and restore/boost stats when needed. Tele out and bank when needing to re-supply.

Suicide method for KBD

There is a suicide method that allows you to smuggle max gear without the risk of losing it to PKers. The method also allows you to bring a significantly larger amount of supplies. Resulting in far longer trips without needing to bank. The image below shows exactly how this can be done in image format.

Note; Due to death rework it will cost 100k per piece to reclaim at your grave. If you do not wish to pay this fee, you can follow the rest of the guide but ignore the part about the four items. You will be able to get your suicided supplies free of charge.