OSRS Dragon Hunter Crossbow

The Dragon Hunter Crossbow, also known as the “DHCB” for short, is a level 70 ranged weapon. It can be obtained only from the Chambers of Xeric as a unique reward and is considered a dragonbane weapon.

Upon completion of various different combat achievement tiers, the cosmetic appearance of the dhcb can be altared. With hard completion, the KBD heads can be added to the cbow to create a black variant. While with the elite tier completion, the Vorkath’s head can be added to create a turquoise variant.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow Stats

OSRS Dragon Hunter Crossbow Stats
Dragon Hunter Crossbow Stats

Dragonbane passive effect

The DHCB is particularly effective against dragonic monsters. With a passive effect that increases ranged accuracy by 30% and ranged damage by 25% when killing draconic creatures. This includes all of the dragons in the game, but also includes skeletal wyverns and fossil island wyverns. The crossbow effect also works on Elvarg, revenant dragons and the Great Olm, as these are all considered dragons.

Uses for the DHCB – where is it good?

The Dragon Hunter Crossbow is unsurprisingly the best crossbow to use against draconic monsters. However, it is still a relatively strong crossbow against non-dragon monsters. Being slightly stronger than the dragon crossbow. Some of the monsters it is best at killing include:

Is the Dragon Hunter Crossbow worth it?

Yes, the Dragon Hunter Crossbow is a super useful and versatile item. Draconic monsters represent a huge proportion of the monsters in osrs. With many of them being profitable money makers and popular slayer tasks. The DHCB is also a very important item for CoX before you can upgrade to the Twisted Bow.