OSRS Sarachnis Guide

Sarachnis is another entry-level boss in Oldschool Runescape. Therefore, the suggested skills for this boss are around 65-70 in each respective combat stat. With 43+ prayer for protection prayers, although 70 for Piety is recommended. The difficulty level can be comparable to other bosses such as KBD, Giant Mole, Dagannoth Kings and Skotizo.

How to get to Sarachnis

Sarachnis is located in the Forthos Dungeon. This can be found in Hosidius, below an ancient and ruined Temple. The following methods can be used to reach the Dungeon:

  • Xeric’s Talisman: teleport to Xeric’s Glade and run west
  • Kharedst’s memoirs: Use the “lunch by the lancalliums” teleport to teleport just north-east of the entrances.
  • Watson teleport: Run east from Watson’s house to the ruins.
  • Spirit Tree Patch: Spirit Tree located in Hosidious is just south of the entrances.
osrs sarachnis entrance
Above entrances to the Forthos Dungeon
osrs Sarachnis location within the Forthos Dungeon
Sarachnis location within the Forthos Dungeon

Sarachnis Mechanics

As previously mentioned Sarachnis is entry-level and therefore does not have any complex mechanics. She will use a standard melee and range attack through-out the fight. However, she will also occasionally do one of the following attacks:

  • Healing Strike – Sarachnis’ standard attacks will heal her on successful hits, regardless of how much damage is actually dealt (including zeros). Healing 5 hp for every melee attack and 10 hp for every successful ranged attack.
  • Sticky Web – Every four standard attacks this attack will occur. Sarachnis will shoot out a sticky web, leaving the player frozen in place for 5 game ticks (3 seconds). She will move a short distance away and begin attacking the player again. Be ready to pray range if she moves out of melee distance.
  • Spawns – When she reaches 66% and 33% hp respecitvely, Sarachnis will summon 2 spawns per player. A magic minion spawn and a melee minion spawn. The magic minion having a max hit of 11 and the melee minion with a max hit of 13. Both have 30 hp and are generally not worth killing.

Sarachnis Gear setups

sarachnis gear setup
Example setup for Sarachnis
  • Sarachnis is weak to crush weapons. Therefore, it is highly recommended you bring high strength bonus equipment and a crush weapon that can attack fast. The only exception to this is the Scythe of Vitur, which is the best in slot item here.
  • High magical defence is recommended to minimise the damage from the mage minion. As previously mentioned these are not worth killing.
  • Slayer helmet can be worn if on a Spider slayer task only.