OSRS Turael Skipping Guide

Turael is the lowest level slayer master in OSRS. While he can be used for general slayer training at these lower levels, that is usually not his most common use. As many high-level and end game players will use Turael as a means of skipping unwanted high-level slayer tasks, or as a way of stacking up slayer points.

Benefits & Uses of Turael Skipping

As previously noted there are two key reasons why players will use the “Turael Skipping” method. These are as follows:

  1. Hunting a more favourable slayer task: Players will go to a high-level slayer master such as Duradel, Nieve or Konar, looking for a specific task or type of task. If they are to receive a task that is undesirable, then they will ask for an easier one from Turael, complete that then try their luck at getting a new task from another high-level slayer master. This process is repeated until the desired task is obtained. It is important to note that using this method will reset your current slayer task streak.
  2. Boosting slayer points: Players will complete 9 tasks in a row using Turael, then on their 10th task they will return to a high-level slayer master, either Duradel or Konar. As the player will now be completing their tenth task with the high-level master, they will receive the slayer points multiplier. This results in a large amount of slayer points per hour, although, it is still not more efficient than doing wilderness slayer for points.

Gear Setup for Turael Skipping in OSRS

osrs turael skipping setup
Turael Skipping Gear Setup

Monster Locations

Below you can find the best locations to fight monsters you may be assigned while doing Turael Slayer. You will also find information on how to get to the location and which teleports or transportation methods you will need.

To get to Banshees in OSRS, use a Slayer Ring teleport to the Morytania Slayer Tower.

osrs turael skipping banshees location
Banshees Location

Bats are located West of Paterdomus Temple, East of Lumber Yard. Use a Digsite or Lumberyard teleport.

osrs turael skipping bats location
Bats Location

Bears are located east of Ardougne, to get here use a quest cape teleport or the fairy ring B-L-R.

osrs turael skipping bears location
Bears Location

Birds are located at the Champions’ Guild, use a Chronicle Book teleport or Champions’ Guild teleport.

osrs turael skipping birds location
Birds Location

Cave Bugs are located Dorgeshuun dungeon, use the Fairy Ring code A-J-Q and run north then west. A light source is required.

osrs turael skipping cave bugs location
Cave Bugs Location

Cave Crawlers are located in Rellekka Slayer Dungeon, use a slayer ring teleport to Rellekka Slayer Caves.

osrs turael skipping cave crawlers location
Cave Crawlers Location

Cave Slimes are located in the Dorgeshuun dungeon, use the Fairy Ring code A-J-Q and run north then west. A light source is required.

osrs turael skipping cave slime location
Cave Slime Location

Cows are located just north-east of the lumbridge castle, use a lumbridge teleport and run north-east to get there.

osrs turael skipping cows location
Cows Location

Crawling Hands can be found in the Slayer Tower, use a slayer ring to teleport to the entrance.

osrs turael skipping crawling hands location
Crawling Hands Location

Dogs are located east of Sophanem, use a Pharaoh’s Sceptre teleport to Jaleustrophos.

osrs turael skipping dogs location
Dogs Location

Dwarves are located under white wolf mountain, use a Taverley teleport or Burnthorpe teleport then run to the entrance which is down the stairs on the east side of the mountain.

osrs turael skipping dwarves location
Dwarves Location

Goblins can be found on the south-east side of Draynor Manor, use a Draynor Manor teleport or lumbridge teleport to get near the area.

osrs turael skipping goblins location
Goblins Location

Ghosts can be found in the Zeah Catacombs, use a kourend teleport on the standard spellbook or with a Xeric’s Talisman.

osrs turael skipping ghosts location
Ghosts Location

Icefiends can be found on the Ice Mountain, use a Lassar teleport tab or teleport to the edgeville monastery and run west.

osrs turael skipping icefiends location
Icefiends Location

Kalphites can be found just outside the shantay pass exit, use a Desert Amulet 4 to reach the Kalphite Cave or a glory teleport to Al-Kharid and run through the shantay pass.

osrs turael skipping kalphites location
Kalphites Location

Lizards can be found in the Al-Kharid Desert, east of the river. Use a fairy ring with code D-L-Q to reach the area, remember to bring Ice Coolers.

osrs turael skipping lizards location
Lizards Location

Minotaurs can be found on the first floor of the stronghold of security, use a skull sceptre teleport to the stronghold entrance. Alternatively, you can run west from varrock.

osrs turael skipping minotaurs location
Minotaurs Location

Monkeys can be found under Ape Atoll, use a Gnome Glider to Ookookolly Undri and run south then down the trapdoor.

osrs turael skipping monkeys location
Monkeys Location

Rats can be found under varrock, in the sewers, use a varrock teleport and run north east to the sewer entrance. The entrance is down a ladder placed to the east side of the castle wall, east of the tree patch.

osrs turael skipping rats location
Rats Location

Scorpions can be found in the Al-Kharid mine, use a duel arena teleport then run north.

osrs turael skipping scorpions location
Scorpions Location

Skeletons can be found in the dungeon below Digsite, use a digsite teleport or digsite pendant and climb down the Winch in the center. A rope will be needed to operate the winch every time.

osrs turael skipping skeletons location
Skeletons Location

Sourhogs can be found east of Draynor Manor, use a Draynor Manor or Draynor Village teleport and run east to the caves entrance.

osrs turael skipping sourhogs location
Sourhogs Location

Spiders can be found between Lumbridge and Draynor, just outside of the H.A.M. Hideout. Use a Draynor or Lumbridge teleport and run to the area.

osrs turael skipping spiders location
Spiders Location

Wolves can be found on the White Wolf Mountain, use a Gnome Glider to get to the location, or teleport to Catherby and run north-east.

osrs turael skipping wolves location
Wolves Location

Zombies can be found west of the Ecto Altar, use an Ectophial to the Ectofunctus then run west. The player can the chickens and cows, as both count towards the Zombie task.

osrs turael skipping zombies location
Zombies Location