OSRS Bandos Guide

General Graardor is Oldschool Runescapes Bandos boss. He can be found in the God Wars Dungeon and requires a 40 bandos follower kill count to enter his chambers. Unless, you have an ecumenical key or have completed various levels of the combat achievement diarys to lower the required kill count. He shares the God Wars Dungeon with the four other rival bosses. These are Commander Zilyana, K’ril Tsutsaroth, Kree’arra and Nex.

Graardor will output high amounts of damage during the fight. Therefore, it is advised to kill him with a minimum of 2 players (1 tank and 1 DPSer) or if you want to solo him then you should make use of advanced kiting techniques that allow you to take 0 damage from Graardor. As he can only damage you if he is in melee distance.

Gear Setups for Bandos

Selecting the right gear for you account is important when going to Bandos. The boss is capable of inflicting high levels of damage, this is why it is recommended to use one tank account, followed by other team members in DPS setups. The gear setups for these can be seen below. You will also find a budget solo setup, this is perfect for using the solo method shown in the clips below.

Additionally, make sure you have 1 zamorak item and 1 bandos item to mitigate damage outside the boss room. This is shown in all of the gear setups above.


osrs bandos max dps setup
Example Max DPS

Tank Gear

osrs bandos tank gear
Example Tank Gear
  • Replace Elysian with Dragonfire Shield if you can not afford.
  • If no Justicar, replace with best tank armour. We recommend Guthans Helm, Karils top and Bandos Tassets.

Budget Solo Setup

osrs bandos solo setup
Example Budget Solo Setup

Shadow 5:0 solo Bandos method

BOFA solo Bandos Method