OSRS Demonic Gorillas Guide

Demonic Gorillas are found in the Crash Site Cavern and can be killed after the completion of Monkey Madness 2. In this OSRS Demonic Gorillas guide, we’ll look over some of the most important factors to consider, including gear setups.

Demonic Gorillas provide some of the best hourly profit of any non-slayer monster in OSRS. They are known for their rare drop the Zenyte Shard. Which is used to make the highest tier of jewellery in osrs. The Zenyte jewellery such as the tormented bracelet, amulet of torture and necklace of anguish is used in various high-level pvm situations including raids, inferno, Kalphite Queen and more.

Gear Setups

For killing Demonic Gorillas in OSRS, you will need both melee and ranged gear, although minimising switches is important to help extend trips. Demonic Gorillas can be killed both on-task and off-task (black demon slayer task), gear setups for both on-task and off-task can be seen below.

On-task Gear

OSRS On-task demonic gorilla gear setup
Gear setup when on slayer task

Off-task Gear

OSRS Off-task demonic gorilla gear setup
Gear setup when off-task

Demonic Gorillas Strategy & Mechanics

  • When you deal 50 or more damage to them, they will switch their overhead to your most recently used attack style.
  • After they hit you for 0 damage three consecutive times, they will change their attack style randomly to a different one. These can be predicted for all but one specific style change and are as follows:
    • Three 0’s with mage/range, you should step back after the third. If it walks towards you, it has switched its style to melee.
    • Three 0s with mage/range, you should step back after the third. If it doesn’t walk towards you, it has switched to the other attack style.
    • Three 0s with melee. This cannot be predicted against. However, always pray mage since you have higher range defence.

Weapons and Potential Gear Downgrades

For Ranged weapons, the Blowpipe is technically the best DPS. But, players often lose ticks doing a full melee switch with piety. Therefore, Twisted Bow wins over time. If you do not have a Tbow then of course, use a blowpipe.

Melee Weapon downgrades: ArclightGhrazi RapierBlade of SaeldorAbyssal TentacleAbyssal Whip.

Melee special attacks such as Dragon Claws and DDs are bad here are the hitsplats above 50 will null if the previous hitsplat pushes the Gorilla above the threshold. If no SGS then use the special attack on the Blowpipe.

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