OSRS Bandos Tassets

The Bandos Tassets are the leg slot from the bandos armour set. They require a minimum of 65 defence to equip and can only be obtained as a unique drop from General Graardor or his minions. They provide the second highest strength bonus of any item in the leg slot, beaten only by the Torva Platelegs.

Bandos Tassets Stats

OSRS Bandos Tassets Stats
Bandos Tassets Stats

Bandos Tassets Vs Obsidian Platelegs

The tassets are better than obsidian platelegs in every area. They provide more defensive and offensive bonuses. As the bandos tassets have +2 strength bonus in comparison to the obsidian platelegs +1 strength bonus. Additionally, the tassets have significantly more defensive bonuses.

Uses for the Bandos Tassets – where are they good?

The tassets are generally seen as the second best melee item for the leg slot, behind the torva legs. As they provide the second best strength bonus and good defence, without degrading like barrows armours. This makes them great for melee training and slayer tasks, they are also very good when bossing due to their defence. They can be useful at bossing locations such as:

Are the Bandos Tassets worth it?

Yes, they are worth it, providing you have enough money to afford them and can’t buy any immediately better items. However, in general for players on a budget they aren’t going to be worth the money. It will be better to invest in weapons or items that boost your damage by a more significant amount than the tassets.

Similarly, if you are rich enough then you can opt for the Torva platelegs, as they are a direct upgrade to the Tassets.


Bandos pieces such as the tassets can also be dismantled to create bandosian components. These components are required to fix the broken torva armours dropped by Nex. To create working pieces of the torva armour set.

The bandos tassets can be dismantled to form 2 bandosian components. However, the Bandos Chestplate can be dismantled to form 3 components.