OSRS Dragon Warhammer

The Dragon Warhammer (DWH) is a type of warhammer in Oldschool Runescape that requires a minimum of 60 strength to wield. The item is received as a unique reward from Lizardman Shamans, at a rate of 1/5,000.

It’s standard attack is relatively underwhelming, like all warhammers. As it is very slow with an attack speed of 6, and is relatively weak in terms of damage. However, it has a popular special attack that is used to drain the defence of opponent. This is particularly useful in PVM situations. However, pking builds such as the strength pure also make good use of this item, since it no longer requires an attack level requirement to use.

Dragon Warhammer Stats

osrs DWH Stats
DWH Stats

DWH Special Attack

The Dragon Warhammer special will drain 50% of your special attack with every use. When it lands successfully on an opponent it will deal 50% additional damage. It will also lower the targets current defence level by 30%, but only on a successful hit (1 or higher damage).

The more DWHs that successfully land the effectiveness of each will be lowered, for example the defence of the target will go from 70% to 49%, 34.3%, 24%, 16.8% and so on. Therefore, in most PVM situations it is best to use a DWH first, then when the defence level becomes around 100 you can start to use the Bandos Godsword special attack.

DWH Special Attack animation
DWH Special Attack animation

Is the Dragon Warhammer worth it?

Yes, the Dragon Warhammer should be one of the first investment for any high-level pvmer. It is a critical item in pvm, particularly at places such as raids. Other bossing encounters where the targets defence levels are high like at the corp beast this item also excels. The item also comes at a relatively cheap price point too. Having fluctuated between 20 – 60m, through-out its life time. So, it is definitely a worthwhile purchase if you’re serious about high-level bossing.

Dragon Warhammers uses – where is it good?