OSRS Saradomin Guide

Commander Zilyana, also known as ‘Sara’ in OSRS is one of the four God Wars dungeon bosses. With the other God Wars bosses being; Bandos, Arma, Zammy and Nex. Zilyana is the General of Saradomin. Completion of Death Plateau and partial completion of Troll Stronghold is required to access the God Wars dungeon. You will also need one rope for first-time entry to god wars and a further two ropes to navigate the Saradomin Encampment (along with 70 Agility).

Gear Setup for Sara

OSRS Gear Setup for Sara
Gear Setup for Sara
  • Normal Spellbook – Waters / Lavas / Natures
  • Take bones to peaches tabs if spell is not unlocked
  • Ecumenical key advised to skip kill count, due to slow kill count compared to other bosses such as Bandos and Zammy.
  • If no purple sweets then bring stamina potions (also advised to bring if you are on a budget or killing for profit).

Gear Downgrades

Below is a list of relevant downgrades to gear if you can not afford a max setup.

osrs saradomin gear downgrades
Gear Downgrades

How to kill Sara?

  • Use protect from magic
  • Start the kill wearing serp helm and blowpipe. Tag the minions Bree and Starlight to inflect venom on them.
  • Switch back to Twisted Bow or your best crossbow. Attack Zilyana and run away.
  • You now need to kite Zilyana around the outside of the room. As shown in the image below.
  • After she dies, finish off the minions.
  • Heal up ready for the next kill if needed. Use bones to peaches to restore up to 32 health per kill.
saradomin method osrs