OSRS Armadyl Guide

This osrs guide will help you learn how to defeat Kree’arra, also known as the Armadyl boss in OSRS. This boss makes up one of the five God Wars dungeon bosses. With the others being, Sara, Bandos, Zammy and Nex. Death Plateau and parital completion of Troll Stronghold is required to access the dungeon. High combat stats are recommended with atleast 80+ ranged and defence. 92+ magic is strongly recommended for the use of blood barrage.

Gear Setup for Arma

osrs armadyl gear setup
Armadyl Gear Setup
  • Ancients – Blood/Soul/Death
  • Book of law is your Armadyl item as Masori does not provide protection against Armadyl’s troops. Drop it inside to make juggling supplies easier. If no Masori, bring Armadyl, with Armadyl you will no longer need the book.
  • Chinchompa Quantity: Bring 6x the amount of chins per Aviansies you are assigned. E.g. a task of 200 should require roughly 1,200 black chinchompas. If you are off-task bring around 30 per kill.
  • Max cape: Beneficial for its fletching perk. Allows you to retrieve a crossbow and grapple to get across the Armadyl camp entrance.
  • Ecumenical keys are best used at Armadyl Godwars. Bring a key.

Gear Downgrades

How to kill Arma?

  • When Kree’arra spawns, let her and the melee minion approach you.
  • When they are close, chin the melee minion until it dies.
  • Pray protect from ranged while Kree is alive, at all times, she hits extremely high if you are not praying.
  • Chins attack at a rate of three ticks, when your chin is actively on cooldown, you need to target kree’arra. Then once the cooldown is up, re-target the minion so the chin is thrown at it.
  • This is necessary to prevent the arma boss from meleeing you. This attack can deal up to 26 damage, so it is advised to use this method if supplies are low.
  • When the melee minion dies, you can move to chin the mage minion or simply finish Kree with your primary weapon.
  • When kree dies, pray protect from mage and kill the range minion and then finally the mage minion.
  • Heal up and prepare for the next kill. Juggle supplies on the floor by picking up and dropping if needed.

Potion advice

  • Use the bastion potions accordingly till you get a boosting potion drop. The crystal dusts are then to make Divine ranging potions to maximize your DPS if you have the relevant herblore level. Either make Divine super defence, use a brew or use the remaining Bastion potion depending on your current supplies.
  • Try to conserve the bastion potions as 8 divine bastion doses isn’t enough to get a range potion drops. Turn the potions into divine bastion potions as soon as you have a sufficient amount of range pot drops.

Video example of Armadyl with Chins