OSRS Zamorak Guide

K’ril Tsutasroth, also known as “Zammy” is a high level boss found in the God Wars Dungeon. This guide will focus on the most efficient strategies required to kill the boss and get multiple kills. The boss is known for its lucrative drops such as the Zamorakian spear, staff of the dead and the Zamorak hilt. Consuming a saradomin’s light is recommended to remove the dark shadow effect from the chamber where zammy is found.


  • 70+ Hitpoints
  • 40 Zamorakian follower kills or an ecumenical key
  • Troll Stronghold partial completion
  • 90+ combat recommended

How to get to K’ril Tsutsaroth

There are a number of different methods used to reach the zammy god wars dungeon. A few of the best include:

  • Trollheim Teleport and run north to God Wars Dungeon entrance.
  • Troll Stronghold Teleport and run east to God Wars Dungeon entrance.
  • Ghommal’s Hilt teleport to God Wars Dungeon entrance.
osrs Zammy location
Zammy location

Gear Setups for Zammy GWD

When killing the Zamorak GWD boss – K’ril Tsutsaroth, there are a number of different setups that can be used. The choice is usually dependant on budget and all three combat styles can be used. Although, the Tumeken’s Shadow is best in slot, closely followed by the Twisted Bow. The Bofa Setup is the next best thing and melee combat closely follows, with melee typically being preferred as an entry-level or ironman setup. Each of the example setups can be seen below.

Shadow Setup

osrs zamorak shadow setup
Example Max Setup

Twisted Bow Setup

osrs zamorak tbow setup
Example Tbow Setup

BOFA Setup

osrs zamorak bofa setup
Example BOFA Setup

Entry-level Setup

osrs zamorak entry level setup
Example Entry-level Setup

Team Strategy

Killing Zammy in a team is the most effective way to get kills, as it allows you to have 1 tanker to absorb the majority of his damage. While multiple other attackers DPS the boss down with strong offensive gear.

The lunar spellbook can be used to pot share members of the team, this extends the length of trips and is cost efficient. Bones to peaches cannot be used here, unlike other GWD bosses, as the boss and its minions drop ashes not bones.


Both protect from melee and protect from magic can be viable. Optimise your defensive bonus on whichever you choose. For example, if using protect from magic then optimise your melee and ranged defense. Full justiciar, guardian boots and an elysian spirit shield or dragonfire shield are recommended.

Tanks can make use of the run under strategy. This is where the player lands 2 hits on the boss and runs under the boss until the players next attack is ready. This minimizes the amount of times the boss can hit the player during a kill.


Before K’ril Tsutsaroth spawns into the room for a new kill, the players attacking should stand in the corners or outsides of the room, with the tank in the center. This means the tank will draw his aggression first, so none of the attackers are targetted.

Once K’ril has attacked the tank, the attackers can begin to kill him. Since K’ril will not be targeting any attackers, they can pray protection prayers against their lowest defensive stat. For example, players using melee gear to attack should pray protect from magic.

Solo strategy

If killing Zammy in a solo scenario then it is highly recommended to use one of the non-range gear setups. As this will allow you to run in a specific pattern to avoid attacks from K’ril and only need to tank his ranged and mage minion.

The strategy used for shadow and tbow is a 5:0 method while the Bofa is a 6:0 method due to its different attack speed. Below are some guides and examples on how to setup these attack patterns.

Twisted Bow & Shadow Staff Strategy Example

BOFA 6:0 Method