OSRS Berserker Ring

The Berserker Ring, also known as the “B ring”, is a melee ring that provides strength bonus. It is one of the four fremennik rings, dropped by the Dagannoth Kings. The Berserker Ring is dropped by Dagannoth Rex specifically.

Berserker Ring Stats

OSRS Berseker Ring Stats
Berseker Ring Stats

Imbuing the B Ring

Players can imbue the ring to double its bonuses. There are currently three methods to imbue the ring these are:

  • 650,000 Nightmare Zone points.
  • 260 Soul Wars Zeal Tokens.
  • Scroll of imbuing for 200 PvP Arena reward points.

How many max hits does the imbued berserker give?

The Berserker Ring (i) increases the users strength bonus by 8. This usually equates to an increase in +2 max hits. Likewise, an unimbued ring would give +1 max hit generally. There are some rare exceptions to this.

Uses for the Berserker Ring – where is it good?

The b ring is the one of the best OSRS ring for melee bonuses, beaten only by the Ultor Ring and in some instances the Bellator Ring. As it provides the second highest strength bonus which is significantly more important at most places than accuracy. It is closely rivalled by the Lightbearer at raids such as Chambers of Xeric and Tombs of Amascut, where you rely on a large volume of special attacks.

The Berserker should be used until the Ultor Ring can be bought to replace it. Therefore, it is useful for budget setups at the following locations:

Is the Berserker Ring worth it?

Yes, an imbued berserker ring should be at the top of many players lists of priorities. It is a very cheap and affordable item that provides a best in slot option at a wide variety of content. As, melee is one of the most used combat skills in the game. However, when players have enough money, they should upgrade to the Ultor Ring.

Berserker Ring (i) Vs Brimstone Ring

The Berserker Ring is generally the superior ring to use if you are doing any type of melee based damage. However, if you are using all three combat styles, with a higher percentage of the time spent in combat going towards range and mage then the Brimstone may be useful. Examples of this include CoX Challenge Mode raids.

But, generally the max hits from the berserker ring vastly outweigh the accuracy bonuses for mage and range at most content.