OSRS Zerker Guide

A “Zerker” is a type of account and pking build in OSRS that limits its defence to level 45. At this level players can still get access to a range of strong quest rewards such as the barrows gloves, are able to complete pest control for void equipment and get access to many more impressive items.

Optimal Stats for a Zerker Account

The two main variations in zerker builds comes down to the attack and prayer level.

At level 60 attack you have access to some of the most popular weapons, such as the dragon scimitar and dragon claws. Although players can decide to continue increasing their attack level to unlock more powerful weapons such as the Ghrazi Rapier, Armadyl Godsword and even the Scythe of Vitur.

Additionally, the prayer level can be increased beyond 55 to unlock the strongest tiers of offensive prayers, Piety, Rigour and Augury. Likewise, when gaining defensive exp its important that this is done through quest rewards, to ensure you have unlocked all of the necessary items for a zerker account.

Untradeable Rewards to unlock for Zerkers

The following quests, mini-quests and mini-games should be complete on a zerker account as soon as possible to unlock the following rewards:

Quest Requirements

  • Recipe for Disaster – to unlock Barrows Gloves
  • Monkey Madness 1 – to unlock Dragon Scimitar
  • Monkey Madness 2 – to unlock Heavy Ballista and Grand Seed Pod
  • Lunar Diplomacy – to unlock Lunar Spells
  • Desert Treasure – to unlock Ancient Spells
  • Animal Magnetism – to unlock the Ava’s
  • Lost City – to unlock Dragon Daggers
  • Death Plateau – to unlock Climbing Boots

Minigames & Mini-Quests

  • Barbarian Assault – to unlock the Fighter Torso
  • Fight Caves & Inferno – to unlock Fire Cape & Infernal Cape
  • Mage Arena 1 & 2 – For Mage Arena Cape
  • Pest Control – For full Void
  • Warrior’s Guild – For Rune Defender

Step-by-step guide to making a Zerker

To make a zerker account, the priority for any player should be in getting the untradeable items listed below. Since you do not want to progress past level 45 defence, you will also want to start questing as soon as possible.

Complete as many quests as you can all the way up to monkey madness 2 and recipe for disaster. After this you can then look at gaining defence experience to your desired level and then going for the higher tier untradeable items such as the infernal cape, full void, fighter torso and so on.

Basic Zerker Gear Setup

Below is an image of a very basic zerker gear setup for players looking to go pking. This setup is typically tailored to 1v1 situations.

Zerker gear setup osrs
Zerker gear setup