OSRS Best Melee Gloves

Melee Gloves are an important item in any melee gear setup, knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and melee gear progression in OSRS. Upgrades for the most part are fairly inexpensive, in contrast to other melee upgrades. One things for sure is that gloves are important to create the best melee gear setup.

What are the Best Melee Gloves in OSRS?

  1. Ferocious Gloves
  2. Barrows Gloves
  3. Granite Gloves
  4. Regen Bracelet
  5. Combat Bracelet

1. Ferocious Gloves

The Ferocious Gloves are the best melee gloves in the game currently. They require a minimum of level 80 attack and defence to equip. Dragon Slayer II is also required in order to make the gloves.

How to get Ferocious Gloves?

Ferocious Gloves are made by combining Hydra Leather from an Alchemical Hydra with the Barrows Gloves. This can only be done by using the pair on the machinery in the Lithkren Vault.

Combat Stats

osrs ferocious gloves stats
Ferocious Gloves Stats

2. Barrows Gloves

Barrows Gloves are the second best in slot melee gloves. There are no defence requirements to equip the gloves. They can also be purchased for only 130,000 gold coins, after completion of the Recipe for Disaster quest. This is reduced to 104,000 coins after completion of the Lumbridge & Draynor elite diary.

How to get Barrows Gloves?

Players must have completed the Recipe for Disaster quest to obtain the Barrows Gloves. This comes with an array of difficult requirements, including a minimum of 175 Quest Points.

Combat Stats

osrs barrows gloves stats
Barrows Gloves Stats

More tiers of Recipe for Disaster gloves

Following on from the Barrows Gloves, players will also find lower tiers useful, should they progress through relevant subquests. They are as follows:

  • Dragon Gloves: +9 strength bonus
  • Rune Gloves: +8 strength bonus
  • Adamant Gloves: +7 strength bonus
  • Mithril Gloves: +6 strength bonus
  • Black Gloves: +5 strength bonus
  • Steel Gloves: +4 strength bonus
  • Iron Gloves: +3 strength bonus
  • Bronze Gloves: +2 strength bonus

3. Granite Gloves

The Granite Gloves do not require any lengthy quest completions unlike the previous gloves. You will however, need a minimum of level 50 strength and defence to equip these gloves.

How to get the Granite Gloves?

The Granite Gloves are dropped from the Grotesque Guardians as a rare and unique reward. They have a drop rate of 1/500.

Combat Stats

osrs granite gloves stats
Granite Gloves Stats

4. Regen Bracelet

The Regen Bracelet is another powerful melee glove. It has the same strength bonus as the Granite Gloves (+7). This item also doubles the natural restoration rate of a players hitpoints, which can be a useful passive benefit. Additionally, there are no requirements to wield this glove, making it the best in slot melee glove for many pking builds such as 1 defence accounts.

How to get Regen Bracelet?

To make a Regen Bracelet, players will need to use a level 6 enchant on an Onyx Bracelet. Alternatively, it can be bought from the Grand Exchange or by trading other players

Combat Stats

osrs regen bracelet stats
Regen Bracelet Stats

5. Combat Bracelet

The Combat Bracelet is an affordable, low requirement melee bracelet worn in the glove slot. There are no requirements to equip it and it offers +6 strength bonus, similar to the mithril gloves.

How to get Combat Bracelet?

To make a Combat Bracelet, players will need to use a level 5 enchant on a Dragonstone Bracelet. Alternatively, it can be bought from the Grand Exchange or by trading other players

Combat Stats

osrs combat bracelet stats
Combat Bracelet Stats

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