OSRS Best Ranged Gloves

Range Gloves are an important item in any range gear setup, knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and ranged gear progression. They can be a relatively cheap upgrade or an expensive one. But, one things for sure is that they are important to create the best ranged gear setup.

What are the Best Ranged Gloves in OSRS?

  1. Zaryte Vambraces
  2. Barrows Gloves
  3. Blessed D’hide Vambraces
  4. Black Vambraces
  5. Ranger Gloves

1. Zaryte Vambraces

The Zaryte Vambraces, are the best in slot ranged glove for OSRS. It is the only item in the glove slot to offer ranged strength bonus (+2). They require a minimum of level 80 ranged and 45 defence to equip. The gloves also provide protection against Zarosian NPCs in the God Wars Dungeon.

How to get the Zaryte Vambraces?

The Zaryte Vambraces can only be obtained from Nex or bought from other players. They are dropped at a rate of 1/172.

Combat Stats

osrs zaryte vambraces stats
Zaryte Vambraces Stats

2. Barrows Gloves

Barrows Gloves are the second best in slot ranged glove. They are a quest reward, meaning they are relatively cheap and affordable for all types of accounts. The gloves themselves have no defence requirement to equip. However, the minimum defence level a player will have after acquiring the gloves will be level 35.

How to get Barrows Gloves?

Players will need to have completed the Recipe for Disaster quest to obtain the Barrows Gloves. This comes with an array of steep requirements, including a minimum of 175 Quest Points.

Combat Stats

osrs barrows gloves stats
Barrows Gloves Stats

3. Blessed D’hide Vambraces

The Blessed D’hide Vambraces require a minimum of level 70 ranged to equip. They provide the same attack bonus as the Black D’hide Vambraces (+11), but have a +1 prayer bonus. Additionally, they have 1 ranged attack bonus less than Barrows Gloves, making them slightly worse.

How to get the Blessed D’hide Vambraces?

Blessed D’hide Vambraces can be obtained as a unique reward from hard clue scrolls. Alternatively, players can buy them from other players by trading or the Grand Exchange.

Combat Stats

osrs blessed d'hide vambs stats
Blessed D’hide Vambraces Stats

4. Black D’hide Vambraces

The Black D’hide Vambraces also require a minimum of 70 ranged. They have +11 ranged attack bonus, similar to the blessed Vambraces. However, they are considerably cheaper than both the Barrows Gloves and blessed Vambs, making them a good item for wilderness activities.

How to get Black D’hide Vambraces?

Black D’hide Vambraces can be obtained via the crafting skill. It requires 1 black dragon leather, a thread and level 79 crafting. Although, a crafting boost can be used to reach level 79.

Combat Stats

osrs Black D'hide Vambraces stats
Black D’hide Vambraces stats

5. Ranger Gloves

The Ranger Gloves are another ranged glove with a ranged bonus of +11. They are more expensive than the previous black and blessed vambraces. However, they have significantly lower requirements. Only 40 ranged is required to equip the gloves, with no defence requirements.

How to get Ranger Gloves?

The Ranger Gloves can be obtained as a unique reward from elite clue scrolls. The drop rate for them is 1/1,275 per unique roll.

Combat Stats

osrs ranger gloves
Ranger Gloves Stats

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