OSRS Bow of Faerdhinen (BOFA)

The Bow of Faerdhinen, also known as the “bofa” in OSRS, is a magical bow that requires 80 ranged and 70 agility to equip in combat. Similar to the crystal bow, the Bow of Faerdhinen does not use any arrows. The bow generates its own ammunition to fire. The bofa provides the highest ranged attack and strength bonuses of any weapon in the game for its attack speed. It has an attack speed of 5 ticks, or 4 ticks when on rapid.

Additionally, the bow benefits from an increase in damage and accuracy when the crystal armour is worn. If the full set is worn a bonus of 15% damage and 30% accuracy is applied. It is essential that you use this bow with the crystal armour to get the maximum amount of benefits. Using the bow without crystal armour is not worth and significantly reduces damage.

BOFA Combat Stats

OSRS Bow of Faerdhinen stats
Bow of Faerdhinen Stats


When first created the bofa will hold 10,000 charges and degrades at a rate of one charge per hit. To first create the bow you will need an enhanced crystal weapon seed and 100 crystal shards. You will also need to have completed the song of the elves to access the singing bowl to make the bow. While also having 82 smithing and 82 crafting.

To add more charges you will simply need to use crystal shards on the bow. Every shard added will grant 100 charges, with the bofa holding a maximum of 20,000 charges at any one time.


Players can corrupt their bofa for a cost of 2,000 crystal shards. This will cosmetically altar the appearance of the bow. But, it will also provide infinite charges to the bow and it will no longer degrade or have a charging function. This does however cost a lot in crystal shards to do and makes the bofa untradable. The corruption can be reverted but the shards will be permanently lost.

Uses for the Bofa – where is it good?

The Bofa is an item with a huge amount of accuracy in comparison to other ranged weapons. Making it very good against monsters with a high defence. As it provides a consistently high amount of damage output. Some of the places it is very good at include:

Bofa Vs Twisted Bow Vs Blowpipe

Generally, the Bofa will provide lower levels of damage than the Twisted Bow or Toxic Blowpipe against specific targets. However, the bofa does is not limited by any major drawbacks, it provides moderate damage to almost all monsters. Whereas the blowpipe fails against high defence monsters and the tbow fails against monsters of a low magic level.

The bofa can also in many ways be considered a budget Twisted Bow. Particularly in areas such as the inferno and raids where it provides the second best item behind the twisted bow.

Is the Bow of Faerdhinen worth it?

Yes, the bofa is a really good weapon to have in your bank. Although, you should still access how important it will be to your gear setups, based on the content you are doing. It is also important to factor in the costs associated with running it. For budget players it may also not be worth corrupting as eventually you will probably want to sell the bofa to upgrade to the Twisted Bow.