OSRS Best Ranged Shields

Ranged Shields can be a super important slot for your ranged gear. Particularly if you are using black chinchompas or crossbows as your main-hand weapon. Crossbows will be a significant part of your ranged gear progression prior to the Twisted Bow. Therefore, knowing how to best pair it with a ranged off-hand is important to create the best ranged setup.

What are the best range shields?

  • Twisted Buckler
  • Dragonfire Ward
  • Odium Ward
  • Book of Law
  • Black d’hide Shield

1. Twisted Buckler

The Twisted Buckler is the best in slot ranged shield for OSRS. It offers the highest ranged attack bonus and ranged strength of any item in the shield slot. Making it a great item to use with crossbows. The buckler requires a minimum of 75 ranged & defence to equip.

Additionally, it is best in slot anywhere you would be using chinchompas. Players speedrunning inferno may opt for the buckler despite its lower defensive stats.

How to get the Twisted Buckler?

The Twisted Buckler can be obtained by completing the Chambers of Xeric. Alternatively, it can be bought from other players or the Grand Exchange.

Combat Stats

osrs twisted buckler stats
Twisted Buckler Stats

2. Dragonfire Ward

The Dragonfire Ward is a strong all-round ranged off-hand and one of the best. It provides +15 range accuracy and +8 range strength. So, it is only slightly worse than the buckler offensively. But, offers higher defensive stats than the buckler.

The shield requires a minimum of level 70 ranged and 75 defence to equip. You will also need to charge the shield with dragonfire breath to get the maximum defensive stats.

How to get Dragonfire Ward?

Players with 90 Smithing can create the Dragonfire ward at an anvil by combining an Anti-dragon shield and Skeletal Visage. The visage is dropped exclusively by Vorkath.

If you don’t have the smithing level requirement, the materials can be taken to Oziach along with a fee of 1,250,000 coins. He will combine the items to create the dragonfire ward for you.

Combat Stats

osrs dragonfire ward stats
Dragonfire Ward Stats

3. Odium Ward

The Odium Ward is a level 60 defence ranged off-hand. It provides a ranged strength bonus of +4 and ranged accuracy bonus of +12. It is the third best ranged shield in the game currently and provides a strong offensive shield that is also affordable to buy.

How to get the Odium Ward?

The Odium Ward is created at the volcanic forge in the deep wilderness. By combining the 3 odium shards. The shards are dropped as unique rewards from the Chaos Fanatic, Scorpia and Crazy Archaeologist.

Combat Stats

osrs odium ward stats
Odium Ward stats

4. Book of Law

A complete book of law provides the fourth highest ranged bonuses of any off-hand item in the game. However, it is the first item in the list to not provide any ranged strength bonuses. Making it significantly worse than its predecessors. The book does not have any requirements to use, making it good for limited pk builds such as 1 defence pures.

How to get the Book of Law?

Players who have completed the Horror from the Deep quest can purchase an incomplete version of the book from Jossik for 5,000 coins. It must then be completed by adding Armadyl pages, bought from players or obtained from clue scroll rewards.

Combat Stats

osrs book of law stats
Book of Law stats

5. Black D’hide Shield

The Black D’hide Shield requires a minimum of level 70 ranged and 40 defence to equip. It is a very budget shield that provides some decent overall bonuses in terms of ranged accuracy and defence. This weapon is usually best used in the wilderness, as it does not cost much to replace.

How to get a Black D’hide Shield?

This shield can be crafted from 2 Black Dragon Leathers, 1 Redwood Shield and 15 Rune Nails. Players will also need a minimum of level 83 crafting. Although, a crafting boost can be used to reach the requirement.

Combat Stats

osrs black dragonhide shield stats
Black Dragonhide Shield Stats

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