OSRS Twisted Buckler

The Twisted Buckler is the best ranged shield in OSRS. It requires a ranged and defence level of at least 75 to wield and use in combat. This ranged shield is obtained exclusively from the Chambers of Xeric as a rare reward. Currently, the item offers the highest ranged strength bonus of any shield.

Twisted Buckler Stats

OSRS Twisted Buckler stats
Twisted Buckler stats

Uses for the Twisted Buckler – where is it good?

The Twisted Buckler is best in slot for ranged shields when using a crossbow or one-handed ranged weapon. This makes it useful if you’re using crossbows such as the ZCB, DHCB, Dragon Crossbow and others. It is also super useful when using chinchompas, this could be for training ranged efficiently or speedrunning the fight caves or the inferno.

Is the Buckler worth it?

Yes, the Twisted Buckler is an essential item if you’re using one-handed ranged weapons. Its +10 strength bonus makes it effectively twice as powerful as the Necklace of Anguish. It also holds a relatively cheap price consistently, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to afford it.

However, when you eventually progress to an item such as the Twisted Bow, you will find fewer uses for crossbows and the Twisted Buckler in general. So, you can sell it after buying a tbow if you find it is no longer useful.

Twisted Buckler Vs Dragonfire Ward

The Twisted Buckler is superior to the Dragonfire Ward in most situations. As it has a higher ranged strength bonus which is usually the most important factor when looking at Ranged Shields. However, the Ward has higher defence and the ability to protect against dragonfire. Making it a more suitable choice for content such as Vorkath or KBD.