OSRS Soul Runecrafting Guide

Soul Runecrafting is a method used to train the Runecrafting skill and create Soul Runes. This training method is favoured by players as it is an afk method of training the skill. Which is a pleasant change from methods such as Lava Runecrafting.

Soul Runecrafting is similar to Blood Runecrafting, they both use the same method on Zeah. This OSRS Soul Runecrafting guide will provide a full overview of the strategy used to craft soul runes in Oldschool Runescape.

Requirements for Soul Runecrafting

  • 90 Runecrafting
  • 38 Mining
  • 38 Crafting
  • 100% Arceuus favour
  • Chisel & a Pickaxe of any kind

Weight-reducing gear, such as the Graceful Outfit, is highly recommended for this method.

Where to craft Soul Runes?

Crafting Soul Runes is done in the north-eastern part of the Arceuus house, in Kourend. There are a range of easy methods used to reach this area. Some of which include:

  • Wintertodt teleport and run south then east
  • Kourend Castle teleport and run north then east
  • Use the fairy ring code C-I-S (after paying 80k to unlock it) and run east
OSRS Soul Runecrafting location
Soul Runecrafting location

Guide to Runecrafting Soul Runes

  1. Travel to the Arceuus mining area and mine one of the two runestones.
  2. Fill an entire inventory of dense essence blocks.
  3. Run north, across the shortcut, then west to the Dark altar.
  4. Use the altar to turn the dense essence blocks to dark essence blocks.
  5. Return to the mining area, chisel the blocks to fragments as you run back.
  6. Collect a second inventory and return to the dark altar once more.
  7. Use the dark altar to convert the second inventory of dense blocks to dark fragments.
  8. Run north-east and follow the path to the Soul Altar.
  9. At the Altar, use the fragments to craft Soul Runes.
  10. Chisel your second inventory of blocks into more fragments and use those to craft more Soul Runes.
  11. Run back to the mining spots and repeat the process.
OSRS Visual route from the Mining Spots to the Dark & Soul Altar
Visual route from the Mining Spots to the Dark & Soul Altar

Soul Runecrafting Xp Rates

When Soul Runecrafting players can expect around 49,000 runecrafting xp per hour. In addition to 5,000 mining and 6,500 crafting xp per hour.

This assumes moderate levels of concentration. With a total of 8 trips to the Soul Altar every hour, which is very achievable. As the time to cut each dense essence block is the same. So, the only fluctuations you will find is if you are not paying attention.