OSRS Boss Slayer Tasks

For 200 slayer reward points players can purchase the “like a boss” ability from any slayer master. This will give players the ability to be assigned boss tasks by Konar, Nieve, Duradel or the wildy slayer master. The assigned boss will be randomly selected from a list of potential bosses, similar to regular slayer tasks. Upon completion of a boss slayer task, players will receive an additional 5,000 slayer experience.

What Bosses can be assigned?

How many Kills can be assigned?

The boss is provided at random, however, the player can choose the amount of kills they want to do. They can pick a quantity between 3 and 35. Although, with Combat Achievement tiers completed this gradually increases, up to a maximum of 65 per task.

Is “Like a Boss” worth unlocking?

Yes, but only if you are looking for profit and/or pet hunting. As in general, boss slayer is not recommended for players looking to get 99 slayer as efficiently as possible. But, if you have long-term aspirations of per hunting, or want to make profit while training the skill then it can be a very beneficial unlock. Tasks such as Vorkath and Slayer resulting in consistently high profits per hour.