OSRS Hobgoblins Guide

Hobgoblins are a low to medium level monster. They are found in a majority of locations at level 28 combat. However, a few select locations also have level 42 combat variants. They do have any slayer requirements to kill, so long as you can get to the location they are found. Additionally, they can be assigned as a slayer task from Mazchna and Vannaka.

Where to kill Hobgoblins in OSRS?

  • God Wars Dungeon
  • Edgeville Dungeon
  • Outpost
  • North-east of Hosidius Vinery
  • West of Crafting Guild
  • North of Rellekka
  • Waterbirth Island
  • South of Tai Bwo Wannai
  • Crandor
  • Bandit Camp Mine
  • Clock Tower Dungeon
  • Witchaven Dungeon
  • Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
  • The Hollows
  • Tree Gnome Village Dungeon

Hobgoblins Gear Setup

Finding the most optimal gear to use when killing Hobgoblins in OSRS is important. If you are a high-level player then it is recommended to use a ranged setup with the Blowpipe. This will allow you to rapidly kill them and complete your task fast, example setups based on budget can be seen below.

Max Ranged

max ranged blowpipe setup for hobgoblins osrs
Example Max Setup

Mid-tier Ranged

mid-tier ranged blowpipe setup for hobgoblins osrs
Example Mid-Tier Setup

Budget Ranged

budget ranged blowpipe setup for hobgoblins osrs
Example Budget Setup

Hobgoblin FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players in osrs looking to kill Hobgoblins for the first time.

What are Hobgoblins weak to?

In osrs Hobgoblins are weak to air spells. However, they also have no defensive stats, therefore, melee or range options are better due to the higher levels of damage they can output. The blowpipe is particularly effective here.

Can you cannon Hobgoblins?

Yes, the best location to cannon Hobgoblins is west of crafting guild at the Hobgoblin Peninsula. Here you will find a group of 10 Hobgoblin spawns that can be killed fast and effectively.

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