OSRS Desert Lizards Guide

Desert Lizards are a type of low level slayer monster. They require 22 slayer to be damaged and can be found in the Kharidian Desert. Lizard tasks can be assigned by a variety of low to mid level slayer masters including Turael, Spria, Mazchna, Vannaka and Chaeldar.

Where to kill Desert Lizards in OSRS?

Desert Lizards are found exclusively in the Desert. There are 5 different spawn locations where multiple lizards can be found close by. This is shown on the map below, the fastest method of reaching the area is with the fairy ring code D-L-Q. If you don’t have access to fairy rings then take a magic carpet ride to Uzer and run south. Alternatively, travel to Nardah then run north.

OSRS Lizard spawn locations
Lizard spawn locations

Desert Lizards Gear Setup

Finding the most optimal gear to use when killing Desert Lizards in OSRS is important. If you are a high-level player then it is recommended to use a ranged setup with the Blowpipe. This will allow you to rapidly kill them and complete your task fast, example setups based on budget can be seen below.

Max Ranged

max ranged blowpipe setup for desert lizards in osrs
Example Max Setup

Mid-tier Ranged

mid-tier ranged blowpipe setup for desert lizards osrs
Example Mid-Tier Setup

Budget Ranged

budget ranged blowpipe setup for desert lizards in osrs
Example Budget Setup

Desert Lizard FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players in osrs looking to kill Desert Lizards for the first time.

Can you kill lizards on a lizardmen task?

No, these are two vastly different monsters in osrs. You will not get any benefits from killing lizards while on a lizardman task and they will not count towards your task.

Do you always have to use the Ice Cooler on the Lizard to finish it?

Yes, to kill a desert lizard you must use a Ice Cooler on it when it is below 5 hp. However, you can unlock the ‘Reptile Freezer’ ability from any slayer master for 90 points. This will make your character automatically use the ice coolers.

How to deal with desert heat while killing lizards?

Players should bring multiple waterskins when fighting desert lizards. This will prevent them from losing hit points to the deserts heat. You could opt for desert clothing instead, but this is not optimal as its better to have your combat gear on.

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