OSRS Cave Slime Guide

Cave Slimes are a low level slayer monster, that require at least level 17 slayer to kill. They are commonly assigned by all of the low-level slayer masters, Turael, Chaeldar, Vannaka, Spria and Mazchna. In this OSRS Cave Slime guide, we will take look at some of the most efficient strategies to kill this monster.

Where to kill Cave Slimes in OSRS?

Cave Slimes can be found and killed in two locations. The Lumbridge Swamp Caves and the Dorgesh-Kaan south dungeon. The Lumbridge cave is usually preferred as it has 17 spawns in comparison to Dorgesh-Kaan’s 9 spawns.

The fastest methods to reach the Lumbridge Swamp Caves is using a Lumbridge teleport and running south to the entrance. If you do not have access to a lumbridge spell or tablet, you can use the home teleport spell that everyone unlocks when starting your account.

Cave Slimes Gear Setup

Finding the most optimal gear to use when killing Cave Slimes in OSRS is important. If you are a high-level player then it is recommended to use a ranged setup with the Blowpipe. This will allow you to rapidly kill them and complete your task fast, example setups based on budget can be seen below.

Max Ranged

max ranged blowpipe setup for cave slimes osrs
Example Max Setup

Mid-tier Ranged

mid-tier ranged blowpipe setup for cave slimes osrs
Example Mid-Tier Setup

Budget Ranged

budget ranged blowpipe setup for cave slimes osrs
Example Budget Setup

Cave Slime FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players in osrs looking to kill Cave Slimes for the first time.

How do you fight cave slimes?

Cave Slimes are very easy to kill, they have 25 hit points and will die relatively easy with any attack style. If you have access to a blowpipe then this is particularly strong for these tasks. Be wary though as the cave slimes can poison you.

Can Cave Slimes be safe spotted?

Yes, you can safe spot cave slimes behind rocks/boulders in the caves. You can also kite them by moving backwards as you attack, since they have low hp they will die relatively fast.

How to light up the Lumbridge Cave?

When killing Cave Slimes in the Lumbridge caves, you will need a light source to see. A lit candle, bullseye lantern, Seer’s headband, firemaking cape, bruma torch, or any other light source will work here.

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