OSRS How to Move House

Relocating your house in OSRS can be done for a number of different reasons. The most common is that players will move it closest to a location that does not have many accessible teleports. For example, a lot of players opt for the Rellekka PoH if they’re farming Vorkath. As it provides a very close by teleport, if players don’t have access to the fremennik boots 4.

This guide will provide you a full overview of how to move your house in OSRS. Allowing you to relocate it to a more convenient location based on your needs.

How to move your House?

Moving your house is very easy, but it will require some money. Players will need to visit the estate agent and use the relocate option. He will then show you a list of possible locations with a fee attached. Pay the fee for your desired location and have him relocate your PoH there.

osrs Varrock Estate Agent location
Varrock Estate Agent location

How much does it cost to move your PoH

The price list for relocating your house to new locations is as follows:

  • Rimmington: 5,000 coins
  • Taverley: 5,000 coins
  • Pollnivneach: 7,500 coins
  • Hosidius: 8,750 coins
  • Rellekka: 10,000 coins
  • Brimhaven: 15,000 coins
  • Yanille: 25,000 coins
  • Prifddinas: 50,0000 coins

It is worth noting that different locations have different requirements. For example, level 10 construction is required for Taverley, level 20 for Pollnivneach.

Players must have already visited Zeah and have 25 construction to unlock the Hosidius PoH. For Rellekka players will need at least 30 construction, 40 construction for Brimhaven and 50 construction for Yanille.

For a Prifddinas PoH, players will need at least 70 construction and must have completed the Song of the Elves quest.

osrs poh relocation fees
Relocation Fees

Advantages of different PoH locations

Hosidius PoH

This area provides an efficient area for farming and herb runs. If players don’t already have an Xeric’s Talisman then it can provide a very good alternative.

Rellekka PoH

There are not many teleports to this area. Making a PoH teleport to rellekka efficient for players who want to visit the area frequently. Especially good if you are farming Dagannoth Kings and Vorkath, or need easy access to the Rellekka agility course.

Brimhaven PoH

Brimhaven is also a rather secluded area of OSRS, with limited nearby teleports. It makes up an important part of a tree run, when you need to plant fruit trees and Calquats. Therefore, making this area a viable option for relocating your OSRS house.

Rimmington PoH

The Rimmington PoH is your default location, but remains extremely popular. It can be good for training low level construction, prior to having a demon butler. As just outside the PoH you will find Phials, who will unnote items for a fee. Meaning you don’t have to teleport away to a bank.

Additionally, Rimmington remains a hotspot for pking on PvP worlds. Therefore, giving you one click access to this PvP area.