OSRS Zaryte Crossbow

The Zaryte crossbow (ZCB) is a level 80 ranged weapon in OSRS. With the capability to fire bolts up to dragon tier. In order to obtain the crossbow players must kill both Commander Zilyana and Nex in the God Wars Dungeon. To receive a Nihil Horn from Nex and an Armadyl Crossbow from Commander Zilyana. These two items can then be combined to form the Zaryte crossbow.

Zaryte Crossbow Stats

osrs Zaryte Crossbow stats
Zaryte Crossbow stats

Zaryte Crossbow Special Attack

The ZCB has a special attack that consumes 75% of the players special attack energy when used. When you use this special attack it will provide double accuracy on your next attack. Additionally, it will guarantee the special effect of any enchanted bolts, if the player lands a successful hit on the opponent.

osrs Zaryte crossbow Special Attack
Zaryte crossbow Special Attack

The special attack is most commonly used as a means of dealing high damage to monsters with high hit points in pvm situations. This is done by using ruby dragon bolts(e), which if the hit lands successfully will result in a max hit of 110 damage per special attack.

Passive effect

When using the ZCB there is a passive effect that is applied. This will strengthen the effect of any enchanted bolts by 10%. The list of different effects can be seen below.

osrs bolt effects
Effect of bolts

Is the ZCB worth it?

Yes, the ZCB is a great weapon for high-level bossing and pvm situations. It is particularly worthwhile if you are going to spend long periods of time camping the Nex boss using a ranged setup. However, the item can be very expensive and may not be an option for most average players. It is usually only beneficial to players who already have a large amount of wealth on their account. As you can usually buy better items with the money if you plan to do a wide variety of PVM.

Zaryte Crossbow uses – where is it good?

The Zaryte Crossbow is the best in slot crossbow and powerful in a range of situations. Particularly, against monsters with high hit points and relatively low defence. However, the weapon is used predominately for its special attack only. With other items such as the Twisted Bow and/or Toxic Blowpipe usually out-performing it in standard attacks. A range of locations that this item is very good in can be found below.