OSRS Lumberjack Outfit

The Lumberjack outfit is a type of experience boosting set for the Woodcutting skill. To equip any of the individual pieces you will need to have a woodcutting level of 44 or higher. The total set grants a boost of 2.5% woodcutting experience and each individual piece boosts between 0.2% and 0.8%.

The boost is not stackable with the 10% bonus exp you get for cutting maples after completing the medium tier of the Kandarin Diary.

osrs lumberjack outfit

How to obtain the Lumberjack set?

The Lumberjacks outfit can only be obtained by killing undead lumberjacks in the Temple Trekking minigame. To start the minigame use the fairy code C-K-S and venture to the start of the minigame near Canifis.

The undead lumberjacks will spawn from a random event. The event can only occur when a player is tasked with crossing a bridge that needs repaired. This task must be assigned in an instance with no trees, this will mean the lumberjacks begin to spawn from the water and you must kill them for planks. The lumberjacks you kill have a 1 in 4 chance of dropping a lumberjack piece. They will continue to respawn as long as the bridge has not been built. However, you can only obtain one piece of lumberjack clothing per event, so continue on once you have received one piece.

Fastest Method

The fastest method of obtaining is to follow route one in Temple Trekking. As this will let you avoid the majority of the combat events. Bring some type of teleport that is near to the minigame start (slayer rings or Kharyrll teleports). As this will let you teleport out of long events such as the bog or sick traveller event.

Is the Outfit worth getting?

Yes, obtaining the Lumberjack outfit is a relatively fast process. In total it takes around 1 hour to complete, this means the total time save when compared to time invested is good. Especially if you are doing some of the alternative methods of training.

Additionally, the set is required for completing a master clue scroll step from Sherlock. So, if you play to complete master clues in the future then it is better to get the set as early as possible.