OSRS Ranger Boots

The Ranger Boots are a pair of ranging boots that require 40 ranged to wear in OSRS. They are obtained as a unique reward from medium clue scrolls. The boots provide the second highest ranged bonuses of any item in the boot slot.

Ranger Boots Stats

OSRS Ranger Boots stats
Ranger Boots stats


With level 60 magic and runecrafting, players can use the pegasian crystal on the ranger boots to create the Pegasian Boots. The pegasian boots are currently the best in slot ranged boot, with a +12 ranged boost as opposed to the rangers +8.

Drop rate

The drop rate of ranger boots is 1/283 on average or 1/1,133 per reward slot from medium clues.

Uses for the Ranger Boots – where are they good?

The ranger boots are good in any location that you are using a high volume of ranged attacks. However, their impact is very small and you will not be able to notice a recognisable difference in your damage at most content. Although, some of the places ranger boots are used include:

Are the Ranger Boots worth it?

No, they are generally not worth buying. If you are going to invest in a ranged boot then always go for pegasians as they are very similar in price and better. However, the fact that both the rangers boots and pegasians provide only an accuracy boost, they should be low priority. There is much better items to buy before these, prioritise weapons and armour that provide max hit increases.