OSRS Mimic Guide

The Mimic is a boss that can be fought after completing elite or master clue scrolls. There is a 1/35 chance of an elite clue reward casket being a mimic and a 1/15 chance for master caskets. To fight the mimic you will need to take the mimic casket to Watsons house and use it on the strange casket outside.

Gear Setup for the Mimic

OSRS Gear Setup for the Mimic
Gear Setup for the Mimic

Where is the Mimic located?

The Mimic can be fought in Watsons house. Use the strange casket in the 1st floor of the building to fight the Mimic. The fastest methods of reaching the house include:

  • Watson teleport scroll.
  • Xeric’s Talisman to Xeric’s Heart and run south.
  • Skills Necklace to Woodcutting Guild and run north.
  • Hosidius PoH teleport and run north-west.
OSRS Watsons House location
Watsons House location

Strategy for the Mimic fight

The Mimic is extremely weak and has relatively low hit points. If you are max combat or close to it and have a similar setup then it will provide you with no problems. It will most likely be close to dead after the 2 dragon claw specials. If not then switch to Shadow and finish it off.

Budget setups work just as well, finish the Mimic off with a Scythe, Rapier, Tent Whip or other melee weapon. A Dragon Dagger spec can be used in replacement of Dragon Claws.

The Mimic will throw a range attack where candy is thrown at the player. Dodge this and pray melee through-out the fight. Eat if required, although, with good gear and stats it should usually die very fast.

Is the Mimic worth killing?

Yes, killing the Mimic is super easy to do, its one of the easiest bosses to kill in OSRS. Successfully killing the mimic will add additional bonus loot to your reward casket, making it significantly more profitable. It also makes the chance of receiving 3rd age considerably more likely. As the chance to roll 3rd age on the mimic drop table is 1 in 228 for master and 1 in 250 for elite.

Additionally, killing the Mimic is a requirement for the Elite Combat Achievements. So, it is worth doing for this reason alone.